Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"I was here"....

.........and this is the proof.

These are my new 'calling cards' which I can leave with anyone anywhere!

They are pint sized and pack a punch! The front has a cropped image of a piece of my jewelry and the back has my contact info.

I had found these on another blog (wish I could remember who) a long time ago and have been wanting to order some for myself. Well,I finally did and I am THRILLED!

See how small they are?

They were so economical and easy to create! They shipped and arrived REALLY fast too.

The company is MOO. You can find them at, where else but......moo.com :-)

AND - I've been thinking of doing a giveaway - other people have and it inspired me to do one. Now I am wondering if someone would want an order of MOO cards - compliments of moi'?

What do you think - is that a good giveaway? The winner could either send me their snapshots and text and I'll mock them up, pay for the order and have it shipped to the winner...OR, they could go in and mock up their own - and then I'll order and pay and have it shipped.

Give me some feedback please - what do you all think? Good giveaway or not so hot? Should I just stick to a piece of jewelry......?



  1. Very cool cards Dox! Me likey!!

  2. Those are great, Janice! And I love the idea of a Moo Cards giveaway!

    PS: you've been tagged!

  3. I've been thinking about doing this, and now I just might. those look so cool. Good luck with them!

  4. That's a great idea...and a great giveaway idea too....but if you give me a choice between a piece of your jewelry and Moo cards for giveaway, then I'll choose your jewelry :-D. And I noticed....a link to Moo!! LOL! No detective work needed :-P.

  5. I think they are great and would be a great giveaway...count me in.

  6. I think the MOO cards are a really good idea. I'm in ;)

    Carolyn M

  7. Heck ya!!! Great giveaway Janice!!! Count me in!!!

  8. Love the cards, and would love to have some!

  9. Hey all!! Thanks - the cards are really fun. :) The official giveaway will be announced in a day or so. It will be a winner's choice - winner gets to pick - a ring or MOO cards. :)

  10. Beautiful blog, Janice! I love to drool over your work. :-) Please count me in on the giveaway. I need a few days to decide if I'd take the ring or some Moo cards.... hmmmmm!

  11. OMG - They are so cool, I don't care if I win, I'm getting some anyway!
    thank you for introducing me to the way of the Moo :)
    nic x