Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"TFT" and other stuff

Tuesdays are not all created equal - despite the fact that I want them to be!!! Last night was another jumbled mix of family and jewelry making. One that frankly left me purely exhausted.

My daughter came by to sign her tax return and drop off paperwork to send in to the county re: a car accident where she drove over a large pole of a downed sign. Unfortunately, she tried to continue driving, drained all the oil from the smashed oil pan and compltely fried her engine. To the tune of a 5,700.00 dollar quote. So, here's hoping the county pays some or all of that.

I threw some leftovers on the table - although I also threw together a FAB-O pasta salad - I had some leftover noodles in the fridge, to which I added: diced onion, chopped zuccini, broccoli, and cauliflower, cubed beets, black beans, salt, and some fabulous tart garlic salad dressing that we make. YUM!!! It was so good. And guess what I brought to work for lunch today??? MMMMM.

Then I helped my son just a bit with his first 'real' research paper. We have already done the research and now he is taking his 'grid' and creating complete sentences/thoughts for the written portion of the project.

We started the visual display the other night and will work on that more tonight. We need to add some strings and the burners and some flames, and of course all the labelling. (you can see how low-tech we are with this project!)

But last night I needed (and I do mean NEEDED) to get to the basement!! So we left this 'as is'. And away to the basement I went.

And he only came to visit me twice. :)

Once at the bench I did some sketch work on a commissioned necklace.

Then I turned my attention to another 'commission'. This one from a family member. I had received a request a week or so ago for a pendant - an 'amulet'. Thankfully it came complete with a sketch and a bit of background story. My first attempt at the pendant was a sawn shape from 22 ga sterling. But that got vetoed. Apparently it wasn't 3D enough. I totally agreed. I just thought it would be 'easier' to saw out of sheet rather than planish wires evenlly and then solder them to a disk or center ring. But, that is exactly what I ended up doing. (note to self - next time, just do it right the first time!) And I have no idea why that sterling looks all black and icky - it is white in person - from the pickle -- I guess editing software icked it up.
I dont know if that little guy in the corner is a Huntik or if that it totally unrelated....

I actually ended the evening REALLY early. I've just been tired this week - a little 'off'. At about 9:30 I called it a night - odd. I went upstairs and vegged in front of the tv - watched "House" - ya either love him or hate him. Then off to bed.

Did I mention I got a toothache somewhere in the midst of all this? I may end up at the dentist before the week is out.....ow.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - and Monday was a snow day and I didn't even SEE my bench.

I did have fun with my son though. ;-)

He dug and climbed and flew down our back hill on his sled.

We made angels and had a snowball fight and hugged each other as we rolled down the hill together laughing - until we just lay on our backs looking up at the treebranches and cold winter was great fun!

In other news..............I will be announcing the giveaway in the next day or two and it looks like I'll go with the MOO cards. . . or maybe "winner choice". . . yeaaaa, that sounds better - it will be a winner choice - either MOO cards or...well, something else. Likkkkkkkkkkkke...............

this ring.


A piece of jewelry - just not sure what.

Maybe a one of a kind,-you get what my muse makes -but in your size-ring....ala this one...or more like any of the ones shown below.

Will figure out the wording for the giveaway and post it tomorrow or Friday. :)



  1. OR...since everyone else seemed to absolutely love the Moo cards, you could have a giveaway of Moo cards for them, and a jewelry piece like THAT RING (DROOOL DROOOOL DROOOOOOOL) given away to me without any contest!! Yahhhoooooo!!!

    No? Didn't buy it? Oh well....I tried. :-P

    My choice still is your jewelry over Moo cards. :-))))))))) ANYday!

  2. haha Swati - if your name is pulled, you can have a ring. :) You crack me up. :)

  3. IF my name is pulled! LOL! You and I were members of the "I don't win anything" guild. But you ditched me and won Candace's giveaway. LOL! I am still holding on to my much hated position of, "President - IDWAG". ;-) So, that ring and I will most probably keep staring at each other through this computer monitor. :-D

  4. haha!!! oh ye of little never know, this might be your lucky shot!

  5. I like House too :)
    VERY nice ring btw!

  6. Holy cow, you busy, busy girl!

    Oh, oh, ooohhhhh a giveaway coming up!!!! I will definitely be entering for that. :)

  7. I love the first ring! I can't wait to hear about the give away!

  8. Thanks all - I will release the notice tomorrow.

    House cracks me up - though he probably shouldn't.

  9. I see it now Janice, I don't understand either? I am so confused? I don't know how my post got linked to your post? But I sure enjoyed reading yours!!
    I did not create any links on my post this morning???

  10. I want the ring that is photograhed on your finger. I MUST win - I want it! The stone in it (what is it?) looks fab with your blog background. ANyway - I've already ordered Moo cards.....!!!!!

  11. I ordered Moo Cards too :0)
    Bloomin Fabulous! I'm a size 7 in USA sizes
    (just in case) lol

    Nic xx

  12. Oooh I just went on Artfire....see it's meant to be, hardly any effort at all to put that sweet little nest ring in an envelope ;-)