Monday, March 09, 2009

It's another Marvelous Monday!!


No, I'm not REALLY all that happy when Monday's roll around...BUT, I'm always happy to have another day - to wake up (just to wake up!) and see the sun..... so yay!

AND - we had a glorious warm weather weekend!! You can tell it is almost Spring by the barefeet to the left - and not just ANY bare feet - but DIRTY ones!

I have to admit though that today was a bit rough. With the time change and a really really busy weekend...I was beat this morning. Still happy, but tired. :) Got up late and forgot it was picture day - thankfully I remembered before my son left, we quickly changed shirts and I wrote out a check.

The weekend weather here was GREAT. In the low 70s!!! So we were outside a lot. Our phone rang at 0845 on Saturday. Always scares the boogers out of me - early morning calls and late night calls - especially with my daughter's issues - well, it always instills a moment of panic in me - but anyway, it was Seth, my son's friend. He wanted a little get together. . . . . like NOW. So I got dressed and took Sam over, then went grocery shopping, stopped at home, threw the bags in the kitchen and ran off to retrieve Sam. Got home, finished putting groceries away, started some housework....played a bit of street tennis with Sam. Oh my, look at the time - we need to eat an early dinner because we've got Basketball awards ceremony at 6pm, players have to be there at 5:30. (little guy plays for UPWARDS - which is a GREAT program. Faith based, well run, players learn a lot, have a scripture verse each week, get constant positive feedback -- just an all around FAB-O program)

OK, do all that - leave at 5:05 for ceremony.........

get there, have fun, rah rah rah (Sam won a raffle thingy - YAY!)(Oh and apparently I also won a raffle at the end, but we left about 15 min early cuz little guy wasn't feeling so well....gotta be present to win - hope someone else really enjoys my the 25.00 Target gift card!!!!!!!!!!!).

So we leave, stop at Rita's for ice cream (YUMMYYUMYUM).

Get home, set clocks forward....Sam goes to bed.

I relax for a bit, wait up for Mom to come home. She's in by midnight. I go to bed.

Sunday, up early for church - starts at 9am but strangely feels so much earlier....hmmm. Home from there and make brunch while doing some laundry - eat, clean up, play more street tennis then some baseball in the backyard, leave little guy there to play while I go in and check laundry etc - and then oh no - look at the time!

We have to be at 1st baseball practice at 4pm! Gotta leave by 3:40 and its pushing 3p. Better call little guy in to get his equipment together etc. This is what met me at the door:

Nice, huh? I sure got a kick out of it. (really. I mean how can you be anything but tickled by that FACE!!??)

BUT - we had to keep moving! So a quick pic and in the shower...get dressed and off we go to the meeting/ home at about 6pm.

And FINALLY some relaxation time.

Well, after cleaning out the rest of my daughters room (its almost ready for me to move into!!) and then making some dinner (just leftovers) and then I did manage a little bit of benchtime - started a (what else) ring!

And I just have to point out that on Monday (just 5/6 days prior to those photos up there)

<- this is how we were playing outside.

And some people think God has no sense of humor??




  1. My goodness girl! I'm wiped out from just reading evreything you been up to! You deserve a, a weekend at a spa!!!

  2. O.K. I'm out of breath just reading your post. You seem to be happy doing it all. Remember to take a break and drink lots of water. When I get really busy I forget to drink then get dehydrated and feel awful.


  3. Wow, you were a busy bee but it sounds like you enjoyed it.

  4. It really was a good weekend - just busy!! I am not quite used to that much 'go' time! Guess I better get used to it with warmer weather coming. :) I don't know how Moms do it with 3 or 4 children!!! I only have the ONE at home!

  5. I am sooooooo jealous of those grubby piggies!!!! I can't wait to have grubby pigs. Come on spring!

  6. haha Lisa!! I love barefoot weather. :) Glad to see you feeling better- LOVELY rings & earrings you posted. YOU GO GIRL! If I had even HALF of your