Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday is back!

Its been a while since I've put up any tutorials....life sometimes gets in the way of my best intentions.

I'm giving it another go however with the WONDERFUL new HIDI that Hans released.

The HIDI is Hans' way of showing 'How I Do It'....and this one is for a
square hollow tubing pendant.

Do check it out. Hans' work is one of a kind -

and so is he.



  1. cool tutorial,It's interesting seeing the process from start to finish!! thaks for posting

  2. I love tutorials! Thanks for hunting this one down. :)

  3. You are welcome!

    Candace, I sort of 'stalk' Hans so whenever he releases something new I'm all over it!

  4. Hey Janice
    Blush, Me. Thanks for the Kudo's....:)

  5. Hans!! You are more than welcome. :)