Friday, March 20, 2009

The New Love in My Life

Sorry for the wait!

If you read me regularly you know that I went to visit my friend Christy this past weekend.

Christy has an AMAZING studio.

Its awesome. She's awesome (yadda, yadda, yadda)


Part of christy's studio is dedicated to glass. Lampworking. And it is there that I fell in love. I've loved lampwork beads before and I've paid heavily for that love (those beads can get expensive!), but this went further than that.

I didn't just fall in love with a bead at Christy's.


I fell in love with lampworking.

Christy showed us how to make a bead, then she put us on the torch. One minute I'm watching and the next minute I was making my own bead! Just like that! FOR REAL! She just sat us there and let us do it.

Then she hopped back on there (after we each made a bead) and she showed us the stringers and dots and frit. Then she let us go at it again!!!! And she walked away....and although I was bitten and smitten right off, its then that I really fell head over heals, t-totally in love.


I can't stop thinking about it, when I close my eyes I see molten glass....its really rather disturbing. I think I'm in trouble. Especially because its expensive to set up a glass studio.

I mentioned pictures this morning, so here's the part you really want........

Here are my first few beads, get that - MY beads!!!!

I think I made about 7 in all. One I completely shattered trying to get if off the mandrel with a rivet gun. And.........

My absolute FAVORITE one I cracked in half the same way...

But in addition to my somewhat round bead up there, this little lentil came off just peachy. :)

And the ones below were spared certain death and were left on the mandrels.

They are now plant stakes.

They look stunning in my den. ;-)

I don't know if I should thank Christy for being such a generous hostess and fab-o teacher...or if I should be really really annoyed.

If I can give one piece of advice to you all - stay away from the glass rods. . . melting glass in a big flame is totally mezmerizing. And quite 'zen'.....I could have sat there for HOURS. Truly. All in all I think it was less than a half hour....but that was some super sweet 30 miuntes. And I'm already scouring glass forums and online suppliers. I have no idea where this love affair may go, if anywhere, but I'm enjoying the 'high' of new love while I struggle to concentrate on other respsonsibilities. Really. Its that bad.

I think I'm a goner.



  1. Ok, does that mean I can start placing my order for the lampwork starfish bead I want you to make for me? :-P

  2. uh oh Janice. You sound like a goner. This will be interesting!

    And that darn Christy. Who does she think she is?

  3. Take it from one who is horribly addictive. Now that I have learned silversmithing, I am torn between my love for lampworking and my love for making jewelry...they are both addictive.

  4. I've seen glass beads being made and think it's mesmerizing. I'm so envious that you had a chance to really try it. Your beads look really nice.


  5. It sounds absolutely intoxicating..... sigh

  6. OHHhhh I'm jealous and impressed! I believe I would lose myself in lampworking if I gave it a try. I've actually stopped myself from doing it yet because I don't have nearly enough time just to play with wire! Looks like you are a natural Janice. Can't wait to see more:)

  7. sounds like a great time.. you are fortunate to have a friend that you can learn from... it's always easier than trying to figure it out on your own.

    your beads are great, sounds like your gonna have a baaaad habit!!!


  8. Oh dear, another addiction. At least silversmithing and lampworking are better for you than drinking and smoking :)
    I can see that lentil bead in one of your bead rings, at least your new addiction will compliment your jewelry.

    Karen (tassietoolgirl)

  9. Yes! Lampworking is how I got into making jewelry in the first place. My folks bought me a kit when I was 14 or so (great, give the kid some fire and hot poker sticks-that'll shut her up!) Anyway, It's a lot of fun! make sure you incorporate your beautiful silver work into your new love.

  10. OMG that cracked in half bead would look FABULOUS in a ring bezel....back to silver smithing now!!! :)

  11. I was the same way about a month ago. I took a lampworking class at a local art studio and I was dreaming of glass rods. I didn't even make anything as cool as you did, but I could certainly see how addicting it can be. I just have to put it out of my mind!!

  12. Oh you are SOO lucky! I wish I had a friend to let me try lampworking.

  13. Uh, oh! I actually took a lampworking class in Glen Echo about 4 years ago, and I absolutely loved it, had every intention of making that my "jewelry scene", but money, space, a child, and other issues stopped me. I actually have a 2nd-hand "hot-head" setup, and a starter kit of glass, but it is sitting in a box!

  14. Wow, what lovely glass beads you have created! It's always been something I thought I love to try, but still haven't...all in good time. :)

  15. Your experiments are the bomb, Lady! I think you may be a goner for sure....I solemnly swear to never pick up a glass torch....maybe LOL

    I'm supposed to let you know that I nominated you for a Lemonade award - because you do have a giving and gratitude-filled nature! See it a my blog -

  16. That is one lovely lentil..welcome to the addiction/obsession!!

  17. so glad you found glass..
    isn't it fun...
    mona & the gaffer girls