Thursday, March 26, 2009

The sounds of silence.....

Sorry for being so silent, and being MIA, at least on blogland. I was horribly behind in a few things (still am - anyone waiting a package from me???? yea, its coming....) and I had a few new things pop up.....and have just felt a bit crazy.

One thing I've been dealing with is the migration of the Jewelry Artists Network forum to the Network webspace - FINALLY.

The forum had been residing on my personal webspace while the network webspace just sat there, kind of cold and lonely - drenched in the sounds of silence. No more! The forum is not now (can't type) a part of the website and I will be working to add new content to the website over the next week. The website will continue to grow of course, but I'll be working on a rather noticeable overhaul in the next week. After that, it will be more 'content updates' rather than wide sweeping changes. Keep popping in there so you don't miss anything!

If you haven't been a member of the forum in the past, check it out now! There are a lot of really wonderful artists networking there already, why not join them?

Oh, and Terri - if you are reading...I have not forgotten you! (Terri that called while I was missing my exits on the way home from VA) Email me - janiceihg AT hotmail DOT com - if you are reading this.

Another part of my silence has stemmed from being overwhelmed, or unerwhelmed, by my studio - so I finally got off my duff and bought some storage shelves and redid my studio - well, just the layout and organization. Moved some furniture, got boxes and bins off the floor, threw stuff away, cleaned out a few was so needed. It was becoming quite depressing looking at the mess, the chaos. Its much better now and I can turn my attention to some other things that I've been putting on the back burner(mailing packages, creating new items, collaborations, tests, assembly of new LARGE piece of equipment).

Hope to be back on a regular basis again!


  1. Glad to have you back!!

  2. Ahhhh - I thought you were off making butter!

  3. Thanks Lisa!! Its good to be poking my head back out.

    Vicky, I think I WILL be making lots more butter now! Now that I know I can put it in my tumbler..well, the jar in my tumbler, not sure I want to put cream in my tumbler...hmm.

  4. Are you saying you spent your tuesday bench time CLEANING....are you insane!

    That said i know how you feel it's difficult to be creative when you don't feel comfortable in your space.