Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TFT - or - Its Raining again!

Yep - more rain. :)

Last night went well, all things considered.

Leftovers didn't go quite as planned, a slight detour but still got to the bench by around 7pm I think.

Unfortunately my son didn't give me quite as wide a bearth as he usually does and so my work was oft interrupted.

Then a mildly disturbing/unsettling call from my daughter further threw me off track.

Top it all off I spent some time searching for a ring finger sizing doo-hickey thing (yes, I did find it - success!) but in the process of moving things around, I took a small towel with about 6 pieces of jewelry on it, a few misc. stones, and some findings - I brought all the corners up and carefully moved it off my bench and left it folded up on a desk nearby. Sounds good, right?

Well it was, until..............during my search I thought "aha, it might be under there!"

and I quickly snatched up the towel, completely forgetting I had items wrapped up - FLING! they all went flying.

grrrrrrrrrrr. I'm an idiot.

So back to the bench - I spent some time trying to find JUST the right stone for Candace's ring...and more time trying ot decide what/how to make it - contemplating a departure from my norm, then though, no - maybe my norm is good - the process will go smoother, and that may be what is expected, something that is 'known' as 'my style' (if I even HAVE a style!).

I was mildly perturbed at myself that I couldn't seem to find a blue stone that I liked -- in the end I did find one though in a container I had almost forgotten about - YAY! And I did get Candace's ring almost done - just need to do some polising/finishing and set the stone. I'm excited - I hope she likes it!

I began two more pieces - one a ring and the other, well, I'm not sure - it was going to be a ring, but it grew and now I think it may be a pendant.

I ended up taking a little potty break (TMI?) at about 10pm - I thought it was so much later - and got sidetracked in a convo with my Mom, so I never made it back to the bench - well, just long enough to take some things out of the pickle and rinse them. Then it was lights out and back upstairs to watch a re-run of Law and Order with my Mom (we are so pathetically hooked on that show).

In other news.....well............hmmmm....ok.........ummmm,

I'm leaving work early today to be in court - my daughter has an appearance this afternoon....maybe I'll just leave it at that. Please keep us in prayer - I don't even know what to tell you to pray for....peace of mind for all of us I suppose.

I was reading a post today, maybe it was over on Nomadic Creations..? About slowing down, seeing our surroundings, being aware of the beauty around us --

so I'll leave you with a photo I took a few years back after a rainstorm - a rainbow as seen through the trees in my yard. Kind of fitting for me today - a good reminder of God's promises. :)



  1. I soooo love rain!! Don't you hate when you get interuption after interuption!?! ARGH! As for your court thing, hope it went for the best whatever that may be. Been there, done that with our second oldest. My best advice is simple, just remember the old saying - this too shall pass. I'm envious that you have your mom to chat with - I miss getting lost in silly tv shows with my mom :) )... Hope your week is improving!

  2. ((hugs)) Thanks Barrie!! :) Court went well, actually much 'better' than expected, although I don't really know what is 'best' at this time, I think the outcome was good.