Friday, May 08, 2009

Favorites Friday (FF)

I think Friday is going to be one of my personal favorite days, well, not that its not already right up there, seeing as how its just a slight step away from the weekend.

My favorite today comes by way of a story. A story in customer service. I love good customer service and I love personal service. My fave for today has both, in my opinion.

I recently placed an order online and went about my merry way knowing the package would arrive safe and sound and right on time, it always does. On Tuesday, on my mental health day, I received a call on my cell phone. Being as I was on 'break' for mental health I wasn't tracking my cell phone that day, but later I checked and there was a message stating that one of my ordered items wasn't in stock and I now had a choice to make. I returned the call, late afternoon I believe, and we had a nice chat (actually a rather funny conversation, lots of laughter - what could be better on my mental health day??). Again, I went about my business knowing my order would arrive safe and sound, but now I'm not so sure about when (which was ok, it wasn't a rush or anything). Imagine my surprise when on THURSDAY (a day and a half after the phone call...?!) my package arrives!!

This is just one reason why my Fave today is Shirley and Gem Resources.
Gem Resources is a great place to find a nice selection of natural and synthetic faceted gems, cabs, and other items. When you're not looking for pricey AAAA gemstones, this is your place to go. They run monthly specials which are worth following.

I have no stake in their business, I'm just a really satisfied customer who is impressed by, and appreciative of, their customer service. Y


In other news, here is letting you know that NOTHING is foolproof - at least not in my world.

I inadvertently didn't click closed my retractable sharpie and now my fave is not so functional.

Guess I need to make a trip to Office Depot or some such place.


This weekend is stacking up to be a busy one. We are having one of my daughter's friends over for dinner tonight - her birthday was end of April and we meant to do something for her but things were a bit crazy right then. So we've spoken with my daughter to try to find out Tara's food likes and dislikes and she's coming for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is baseball practice and a soccer game, church on Sunday....little guy has Awana Sunday night - oh nooooooo, he doesn't. Its Mother's Day weekend! Forgot about that. Hmm, I need to get on the ball with a gift for my Mom. I know we're going to dinner Saturday night. I think Sunday really IS going to be a day of rest because Saturday is going to be nuts!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!



  1. Thanks for the recommendation for Gem Resources. It looks like a great place to buy faceted gems.

  2. ooh, new resource! I'll have to go take a look :)

  3. Its a good source for faceted and non...I like to purchase lots of small (3mm - 5mm) plain gemstone round cabs - citrine, aquamarine...for accents in pieces. :)


  4. Thanks for the link...I'll be heading over for a look.

    I got my ring....check it out on my blog!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  5. Oh no I looked at the link and now I will have to buy something - the rough natural stones on there look fab too!

  6. YAY!! Give Shirley some LOVE!!! She's great. :)

    Candace, I'm glad you like the ring - the entire experienced freaked me out!! lol. And I'm SO glad it fits!! YAY!!! Maybe next time I won't be so stresed. :)