Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TFT - Texture

It began with the hammering I did on the cuff recently. I have just been in this mood to hammer. And I've always been into last night was a great time of both. :)

But let's back up - you know I always have to give the ENTIRE rundown of my night. ;-)

I got home about 5:30 and we had an overabundance of leftovers so I threw it in microwave and oven and onto the table. Ate and was at the bench by ohhhhhh, about 6:30. YAY! Little guy didn't have soccer practice so he was home, but had homework which meant I could get right to work. Unfortunately (?) homework doesn't take little guy long and he was downstairs by 7pm. Its funny because the first two weeks of my Tuesday nights at the bench he was so excited and supportive about it. He was accomodating and actually protective of my time. Now, not so much. Its not that he begs me away from the bench or anything. He's just THERE. Talking to me, not a big deal, except part of the talking is "watch this Mom!" , "Wanna see that Mom?", "Hey Mom...."
etc etc etc. God love him. :) Occassionally he comes close to show me something (with my encouragement of course) and at one point last night when he was almost underfoot, he noticed the flexshaft foot pedal.
(((((((((((((Convo alert, feel free to bypass)

LG: "What's that Mom?"

Me: "It goes to that machine hanging there"

LG: "Oh"

LG: "What's it do? I've never seen it before."

Me: "Sure you have hon', it makes noise, grinding, polishing, etc"

LG: "But I've never seen the foot thing before"

Me: "Well each time it runs, I'm using the foot pedal"

LG: "Oh"

LG: "Well, I still want to see it."

Me: "OK, let me put a drill bit in there (finding key, grabbing drillbit, inserting, blah blah blah) - ya know, your dentist uses a thing (thats the technical term with an 8 year old) like this when she polishes your teeth and all. She has little bits and buffs and things that go in hers, its just a little smaller. OK, there we go, now let me put some wax on this bit ---"

LG: "What's the wax for?"

Me: "It helps the bit run smooth and go through the metal better"

LG: "Oh"

LG: "Mom?

Me: "Yes?"

LG: " You sure do know a lot more about jewelry making than I do."

OK, back to jewelry. He played and I worked and we had a great time.

This is the only piece I 'completed', though the jumprings need to be replaced (these don't really fit well) and it needs a cord or something. I took photos of EVERY stinkin' step of this so I could write up a tutorial should there be interest.

The rivets are mostly decorative and its all one piece of metal - no soldering.

So its a good project for those just getting started with metal.

I even filed and burnished the bottom so it looks like one solid piece. (have a photo of that around here somewhere...will grab it later)

And then I whipped this baby up in like 20 minutes. . . or maybe just a bit longer.

It still needs its sweet little pink tourmaline to be set in place, maybe tonight.

I have a couple of pieces that were in progress from previous days/ I LOS'd them and still need to tumble them, but I snapped these pics anyway.

Hopefully some of al of this will make the Etsy store by the end of the weekend.

This is my little "Sprouts" ring, in honor of my garden seedlings. :)

And then a pendant which a lovely green and blue stone will go into and maybe a beaded chain of some sort. (yep, I'm really going out on a limb here!)


The weather has been so nice here for the past couple of days, finally done with the constant rain showers, its been sunny and mild. Was able to grab this pic of little guy when we let the dogs out to romp yesterday. :)

I am hoping the weather holds out and I can get out in the garden this weekend, I need to prune my seedlings and plant some more seeds, plus I've not got a few starter plants sitting here waiting to go in the ground. With all the rain and mud I just haven't been able to get out there.

So lets pray for sun!!!


  1. Hi Janice,
    I love the new stuff and Im glad your going out on a limb as you put it..
    I have been keeping tabs on your blog from afar, my computer has been in the shop but now is safely back on my desk, my blkberry wouldn't let me post comments on most the blogs I follow.

  2. Wow - you get such great textures, really really cool. I love them all - but the sprout ring is even more brill!

    That was a very productive Tuesday Janice!

  3. Hi Janice,
    Just found your blog. What a lovely little guy! I know all about the 'look mom's'!! I think my son breaks records in how many he can say:) My head is sometimes dizzy! But it's completely adorable. I love the rivets on the pendant. Beautiful work.

  4. Love your new pieces; can't wait to see the stone going in the necklace.

  5. Hi guys!!!!

    Sherice, don't know how you made do without your computer. (actually mine sits idle a lot at home, but I'm on one all day at work it see,s).

    Vicky - nothing I do comes close to yours.....and now i HAVE A PART OF YOU..well, it feels like it. My ring came today!!! I'm pleased as punch. (whatever that means) and yes, one day - its drinks somehwere....maybe on a beach. or a city pub, or a dive somewhere...but SOMEwhere! SOME DAY! Maybe I can come to NZ.?

    Hi Lenita!! I've favored your blog now - look forward to keeping up with you and yours!

    Sassy - stones MIGHT go in tonight. I'm heading down that way now.

    Night all!

  6. I LOVE the new stuff! You're on a roll!
    I know all about shop visits from your kids, too. Mine are 18 and 26 and they still come in the shop to talk and visit, and bug me!!! Of course I spend most of my time in there, so they have to come in if they want to see me.

  7. Love your work! The decorative rivets look great and the ring is sooo cute!
    Even my husband has to come into my shop in the evenings if he wants to see me:)

  8. Cool work Janice!
    Totally off of this important topic...I can't log into JAN. It won't let me log in or reregister....what do I do?
    chris or happycalm at aol dot com