Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TT - Fusing!

Today its all about fusing.

Fused Foxtail Chain

Fusing Jumprings

Fused Heart

Fine Silver Granulation Pt 1
(and Part 2 )

Granulated Earrings

Basic glass fusing

Plastic bag fusing


Try something new and create something NEW!


Update on my health - I've had some routine bloodwork this morning and will have an MRI of my brain tomorrow morning at 0830. :) I think its all going to be just fine. . . no matter what we find or don't find. Thanks for all the notes, comments, prayers, etc.


  1. Good luck with the MRI Janice. Thinking of you.
    V x

  2. Great tutorials...thank you.

  3. Janice, Thanks for the interesting info on fusing. Have you worked with Argentium Sterling Silver yet? It fuses like a dream. I work as a bench assistant to a Jeweler of 38+ years and she has switched over to A.925 completely. Check out this cuff bracelet she makes by fusing argentium: http://is.gd/BvwW

    Thanks again,

  4. Damn Janice! That's scary! It sounds kind of like a mini stroke or something. I hope everything comes out fine with the MRI. Good luck, girl!

  5. Thanks Vicky!! And for the comment on Facebook - you really cracked me up with that one!!!

    Berlin, I've not worked with argentium but I'd like to one day. Need to remember to order some on my next metal buy.

    Thanks Sandi and Tammy! Should have results within a week. :)