Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No TFT Today

Sorry all - no tales from last night.

I had a busy day yesterday - blood work in morning, worked all day, left early for my son's school play at 5pm, then we grabbed a bite out, got home, it was still early, tried to hit the bench, but just wasn't into it. I did clean/organize some stones...but didn't accomplish any real work.

Guess my mind was on the MRI for this morning.

Had that this morning - it went fine. Contrast (and the machine) made me a little queasy/dizzy...but not too bad. They didn't wisk me away to the ER or anything - so there was nothing horribly acutely wrong. Results should be sent to my doc within a week.

The pics are from Monday night baseball game/team pics.
Its been a busy week - Monday I went to the doctors in the afternoon then to the baseball game/team picture night (I had snack duty as well as sort of 'coordinator' for pics). Then Tuesday early morning bloodwork, worked all day, left early for son's play in which he was Norman, the mule - then grabbed dinner out. Wednesday morning MRI. Queasy..but at work fine. Tonight should be fairly quiet. Then tomorrow we're in court in the morning, then I'll come in to work.

Then its FRIDAY!!! whew. I can use a long weekend, and wow, I think I just may get one!! I think I'm taking off Monday for the holiday weekend. yay me!


  1. Well, I glad to hear they didn't find anything immediate! It sucks to have to wait for results like that though. My Dad has to go through the waiting everytime they make him have the PET scan for cancer. That's enough to MAKE you sick!
    I hope it all comes out well, and they tell you you're fine!

  2. Glad you got through the MRI so well. I've had several MRI's over the years and always have to have Valium beforehand. I would think if it was anything super serious they'd have let you know right away.
    Enjoy your holiday week-end.


  3. Thanks Tammy!! Thanks Carolyn! :) Still waiting to hear anything. . . .