Friday, June 26, 2009

FF - Got Faves?

I do!!! And today I'm sharing one of my fave faves, though I seriously have debated it. I like to share resources, but sometimes I want to hoard special finds all to myself!!

I'm diggin' deep here peeps to share a favorite cab source. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Its just between us. K?

Not long ago I bought some seriously wickedly delicious stones. (wow, is that grammatically correct?) Anyway - I had the nerve to post them - I like to tease. I haven't made anything with them, but I do take them out on occassion and fawn over them. One day I might actually make something with them, but that day may be long off in the distant distant future. Sooo, you just wanna know where they came from...right??

ok, ok, ok....

Pam Chott who makes LOVELY jewelry and also have GORGEOUS cabs for sale. So go see, but PLEASE, if you buy, just save some for me - ok?

Another fave which I've probably mentioned before is.............

its my FAVORITE breakfast

Go Lean Crunch and Dannon Light and Fit yogurt.

MMM, so good -and so good for you!

and its easy to prepare -

the yogurt serves as the bowl -

just pour the cereal right in, stir, enjoy

I actually pour as much as I can, stir, pour some more, stir some more, pour once more, stir. THEN enjoy. mmmmmm.

You can get just about a whole serving in there if you follow my above pour and stir method. ;-)

Today I had lemon, but normally its Orange Mango.

It makes me happy.


So yea, rocks and yogurt. Exciting stuff huh?


Tomorrow morning we have our second swim meet - its at a pool about 50 minutes away. What time do we have ot be there? ohhh, quarter after 7.


on a Saturday.

Uhhh, yea, we'll be thinking REAL hard before we sign up for swimteam next year.

Hope you all get to sleep in tomorrow - I'll be up at about 5:45am.




  1. Love those cabs Janice! I added her to my faves in hopes of having funds to purchase! I too am a lover of Kashi. =)

  2. That is my favorite yogurt...the citrus (lemon, lime) and raspberry are my favs. I also put cereal in mine, but it varies...right now I am eating Fiber One with Honey Clusters! So easy to eat at work!