Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TFT - Stuck & Yuck

Confession time.

I delayed giving the TFT yesterday because of this yucky feeling - didn't want to be all whiney - feel like I've been whining a lot lately and who wants to listen to that? Not me. Not you either. *sigh* So I thought it might go away after a day. It hasn't. There isn't anything I can put my finger on...just feeling 'off'.

This is how my post yesterday began:

"I wish I had something to show for my time last night, but alas, nothing finished, and not much started..."

and there it ended because I just felt so ...well....I dunno. Un-interesting.

I don't mind saying that I feel icky or 'off' or whatever, but I don't want to sound whiney. Thats NOT who I am. I am really a very positive person, pretty upbeat, glass is half full, I realize how blessed I am - I guess sometimes its just hard to sound like it when I'm feeling so blahhhhhhhh.

And I think I feel really disjointed right now. School just ended last week, we went through Friday.........and we're busy with swim team, and we had the birthday party and whatnot - and I got very little sleep end of last week....and my studio is a MESS again - how does that happen so quickly!?? And I guess I need to grab a hold of my bootstraps or brastraps, or something and pull myself up and get on with it.

Time for an adjustment....attitudinally, organizationally,
and time management(ly...?) ;-)

Maybe Tales from Tuesday are just boring, maybe not boring, but too repetitive. Maybe that is part of what got to me yesterday - seems like every Wednesday's post was beginning to sound very much the same. ICK. YUCK. Sameness. ewwwwwwwwww.

I actually do have one or two things new in progress, I'm pleased to have something besides a ring for a change!!

I have a sweet little pair of earrings that will go with just about ANYthing. Was unable to get a decent picture of them though. Thats me wearing can see more pics on the forum - I wanted to get feedback on the backs - half post, half earwire...

(Hi y'all!!!!)

And I have a new pendant in the works that I am DETERMINED will have a neck-thing to go with it by, well, very soon. AND it will be listed for sale by the end of next week. (i think) I simply MUST start finishing things!!

That is going to be my new matra...finish it, finish it, finish it.




  1. look at you! You're so beautiful :)

  2. haha, thanks. :) I think I have some weird cross eyed thing going on in that pic. I decided it was time to update my avatar so you can see a slightly better pic of me on the forum now. :)


  3. We all feel yucky sometimes! I know I do.
    I swear, Janice, you look different everytime I see you! Always gorgeous, just so different!

  4. The photo of you is beautiful...guess I'll have to stop in the forum to see the lovelies hanging from your ears.

    I can understand fully about the whiney thing and not wanting to post....sort of why I've been so quiet on my blog of late. I am going through some stuff, but I'm in the works for getting help and trying to straighten things out. I may share later sometime in July after my appointment...I may not. But for now I've decided it's best just to sit back.

  5. Must be an epidemic!! I went through (am going through!) the same thing! Boring, uniteresting, no one wants to listen to me whine thing!! If you figure out how to get rid of it, patent it and sell it - you'd be rich in no time! :) But I guess all we can do is haul ourselves up by the brastraps (love that saying! LOL) and carry on. And I have to join in the chorus of you're gorgeous!! LOVE the new avatar pic especially. Wish my mug was so fond of the camera! :)