Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Favorites!

Sooooooo, I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow - we must ALL know that vacation is a FAVORITE thing. :) I am going to Ocean City MD - we go every year. This year we are staying 2 weeks, which is new. We always stay at the same place so its like going home. I won't stay the whole 2 weeks, I'll come back up for work for a couple of days, but then I"ll go back down - so I still get over a week of relaxation. YAY!

I was thinking of other favorites on my drive to work this morning. There wasn't anything that was really sticking out to me, sad to say. Other than a bunch of philosophical stuff. But I had in mind more tangible things when I started this weekly feature so I don't want to get all esoteric.

Hmm, faves......what is a fave of mine? Hmmmm. ok, I have one. Nothing exciting, but this DID come to mind this morning for some reason and its come to mind again so here it is...

paste flux.

I like it.

I used liquid, prips I think, when I very first learned to solder. Sprayed it on, painted it on....used it, never thought much of it til someone recommended paste. Uhh, yeaaaaaaaaa. LOVE it. :) I am not sure what brand I use - only that it comes in a big tub and I've been using it for quite a long while and its still a quarter full. And it would be more full if I didn't constantly leave the durn lid off of it. Then reconstitute, leave the lid off, reconsistute - you get the idea. There is also a lot of weird stuff floating around in there - its a quagmire really. And its a rather disconcerting shade of grey now because I got some burnt toothpick in there....yea, its delightful to look at. NOT. But it works. And works well.

I like it.

What do you use?

Paste or liquid or something else? (firescoff anyone??)

I may or may not check in while I am at the oshun. Oh, thats how you say ocean in Bawlmorese.

oh, Bawlmore? Thats how you say Baltimore if you're REALLY a Bawlteemoron -- which I'm not really...but I like the nomenclature that surrounds the city.....

Honfest anyone?

Think "Hairspray"......

Oh, and what do you think about the new colors? Yes? No? Make em go????

I wanted to lighten up a bit.....



  1. I like the new color, it does brighten up things! I'm using Batterns liquid flux at the moment, but will switch to the pink kind from rio and get some paste flux when I start soldering.. that was the kind I wanted to begin with but ordered the other instead.. I can't really say why I want to switch.. do you think paste solder is good for all soldering or for different projects? and if so what type of projects? Have a grand vaca!! Be safe!!

  2. I use a homemade concoction of denatured alcohol and borax. It seems to work very well for me. And it's quite inexpensive.
    Have a great vacation.....


  3. I mostly use paste. Once in a while I use liquid antifirescale stuff.

    Have a great vacation. We will try not to destroy the Interwebs while your gone.

  4. The first thing I thought when your site opened up was "wow, so nice and bright"
    Have a wonderful vacation!

  5. Down the ocean, hun. I lived in Dundalk for a year -- I've been "hunned" by the best of them. :)

  6. whooohooo!! HI all!!! Back from vacation. :) Thanks for all the well wishes. :)

  7. Have a wonderful vacation Janice!!