Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to reality and LOTS of photos. :)


Haaaaalllllloooooooooooooooooo! I'm back. :)

Which has its ups and downs for sure. Good to be back, but ya know.....vaca was really good too!

I popped into the blog from the front end and surprised myself with the colors! lol. I almost forgot I had changed it before I left! Too funny.

We had a GREAT time and I didn't 'over-sun' myself. Thankfully one of the benefits of aging is some wisdom. Not that I always call upon it or heed it, but I can definitely SEE it - the older I get, the wiser I become.

I started this post two days ago so I don't know how it will come up, should be interesting.

The beach was FABULOUS! The temp was amazingly mild. The water was warm-ish....and the waves were just right!

We had some great rainstorms but they were all at night with the exception of one. !YAY! On that day we went to see G-Force, very cute movie.

I did a lot of reading and relaxing, went through 3 books the first few days, unfortunately I didn't get much reading after that, but still lots of relaxing and enjoyment.

LG did a lot of this...paddling out, riding waves back in....

We swam a lot, sunned a lot, laughed a lot, and just generally had a good time.
After a week, I drove back up to home to pick up my daughter and take her back down (almost 3 hours each way) and then I drove BACK up Sunday night to work a couple of days and drove BACK down Tuesday night (my birthday!).

We also ordered food in a few times, as much as I LOVE to cook, this was great as we were on the go a lot. This is the largest pizza I've personally ever seen - from Captains (138th street?) - they do a 28" pizza. In my mind I thought, ok, BIG, good, we'll have leftovers. When I went to pick it up, I am sure my expression was priceless. Someone else had to open the door for me to get it through and then I had a devil of a time getting it in my car! I was going to just slide it in the trunk, but the car I took was FULL of beach chairs and boogey boards. No go. So I tilted it precariously on its side and managed to get it through the back door of the car. Too funny. The boys were shocked.

In addition to lounging on the beach or poolside, we went to the Boardwalk one night so LG and his friend could go on some rides and play in the arcade and we went to Thunder Lagoon waterpark twice.

We also went out to dinner at a fabulous little restaurant we found last year called Catch 54. All in all it was a GREAT two weeks.

Here are my two kiddos at the restaurant. The one from Catch 54 last year is my profile pic on Favebook. :) Aren't they too cute?

Random Beach photos:
He LOVES the water. I know he didn't want to leave. But return to the real world we must. :)
I did make one ring and two pairs of earrings on my little trip back up here for work. Will show pictures later or tomorrow. :)

Hope everyone is doing well - I've been trying to keep up on blogs while I was there (the library at 100th street is FAB-O!) and on my excursions back home - so I see a lot of you have new exciting things going on, I wish I could have commented on everything, but time was tight! Hope to catch up with you all soon.



  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! It is just THE hardest thing to slot back into normal life after a holiday, but it's great to have the pics and memories.

  2. EEEEEK! Real life! RUN!

    Glad your back. Looked like a really good time :)

  3. Hey guys!! We did have fun, loads. :) Its so good to get away and just kick back. At home we're always running, running, running, work, work, it seems anyway. I think I need to remedy that a bit.

  4. Hello! Glad you are back and had a good break away.