Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Thats WorkS in Progress today. :)

I had a GREAT time at the bench last night - even though it was one of those exploratory kind of nights. I can NEVER seem to just leave well enough alone and do what I know, or repeat what is 'safe'. So lat night I got into a struggle with a 12 ga piece of sterling wire. I haven't really worked with any large gauge wire for a while, I tend to forget what a bear it can be.

But, out of my struggle - came this WIP

This is 12 gauge sterling with an 8mm lab sapphire....and a smaller gauge wire for the top part.
I plan on adding chain to each side to complete the piece (after I clean it up some more, polish it, and set the stone!)

I made 3 ring shanks - like this one - got them all soldered and now need to make just the right settings for them!

That's the fun part - looking at all my yummy stones!
I like the shank - its simple, lightweight, but different...makes a statement (almost) without really trying. Ya know?

I re-took some photos last night - am going to be adding a new photo with each online listing for a ring - it will show the ring on a mandrel - for sizing purposes. This one has a split view because the shank is a stirrup shape and I wanted to show how it sits up a bit making sizing difficult.

The next one is just a repolished ring - love the polisher!

This ring looks SO much better with a higher polish.
What else - ohhhhhhhhh, I have two little sterling pendants - warty little things - I totally forgot about them. I had made something similar in copper to enamel on and then thought - why not silver? They are different, quirky, I need to oxidize them and polish or tumble - but I'll snap photos tonight, even if I don't work on them.
I guess that's all.
My LG fell today and wacked his elbow but good. Got a call from camp - he wanted to stay even though it was a good knock. Got another call from camp - increased swelling, numbness....they put him in a sling. My Dad was good enough to go get him - took him to the doc for me - they just called on their way home - no x-ray, just rest and ibuprofen and see how it is tomorrow. Poor LG.
I guess he wont' be going to swim practice tonight. hmmmmmmmmm, that means I might have a bit of extra time tonight.....
Is that my bench calling? ;-)


  1. poor LG, ouch sounds like an extra bowl of ice cream might make it better!! :) I enjoy seeing your creations.. I've been working on some copper etching.. I need to take some pics of my progress so far.. maybe tomarrow!

  2. Wow - look at those, they are fab! The sapphire one looks a bit 'squiddy' don't you think?
    Hope you LG feels better very soon.
    V x

  3. 12g can be a bear, your piece came out just beautiful! I hope LG feels better soon!

  4. Hi Sherice, Vicky, Lisa!!!! Thanks for the feedback Ladies. I hope you know how much I appreciate each of you. ((hugs))

    sherice, I was just reading your blog - you've got some fabulous pictures over there. I would love to sneak into your suitcase some time! ;-) Show us some etching when you can!