Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wonderful wacky weekend

I would have added busy crazy tired...but that goes without saying I think! I can't even recall what I did Friday night....maybe worked on some jewelry..? Not sure, seems like SO long ago.

Saturday we woke early for a swim meet - had to be there at 7am but thankfully it was a 'home' meet so it was a SHORT drive. We left the house at about 10 minutes til 7. :) I worked as a Stroke and Turn judge so I was there from start til finish, on my feet, the entire time - standing at pools edge, water glinting, watching swimmers work so hard to win their races. It is such a bad feeling to disqualify someone, but...well, its part of the schtick and a learning experience for the swimmer. Our team did well and it was a simply stunning day.. not too hot, not too cool, not too bright, it was all 'just right'. Yes, goldilocks, it really was.

We only have one swim meet left, then the HoCo Invitational - which they let ANYONE swim in. Well guess what? I'm an 'anyone'. So I think, maybe, I just might swim. Here's a little known tidbit. I used to be QUITE the swimmer.

I swam for YEARS - and I was good. As a matter of fact, I swam in an upper level league and trained with Murray Stephens of NBAC. . . that's where Michael Phelps swims. Only I was *cough* *cough* a few years before him. And I was young and dumb and quit when I was about 13. But that's another story for another day (or not) I was thinking of swimming. I'm just not sure I have the cardio to do it. We shall see. :)

Anyway - Saturday afternoon I went and visited my daughter while my son went to a friend's do what? Swim in his pool of course. As if that child hadn't had enough water for one day!! Picked him up around 5 and came home and made dinner - a rare thing, a FRIED dinner. MMMM, thin pork chops, coated with flour and crushed honey corn flakes. MMMMMMM. So good. A big green salad on the side and we were set. I touched up a ring and took some photos and went to bed around midnight I think. Oh yea, caught a few minuted of Saturday Night Live, so it was probably a bit before midnight when I went up.

Today was church and then Little Guy had a friend over - we actually went bowling. We were quite surprised to find out that its Cosmic Bowling all day on the weekends. So that was a nice treat. We played tow games and then came back here for a while before taking LG's friend back home. Dinner was a quicky, and another rare one. Hot dogs. Nathans. Oh. My. Gosh. were they ever good. Fresh corn on the cob and a fruit salad -- mmmmmmmm, it rivaled the meal from last night.

I added another 'storage' solution to my bench recently -- you can see it to the left - solid wood 'riser' -- or shoe rack. Picked it up on sale somewhere for $15.00!! What a bargain!

And it gives me two shelves plus I can still use the benchtop underneath. YAY! Now I just need to clean up all the MESS!

In the meantime, here's a ring I finished - well, I think its finished, I don't know - I think it may need to be oxidized -

PLEASE let me know what you think.....oxidize it or no?

I really like the way this ring turned out and I'd LOVE to keep it - but I think its going to go up for sale in a day or two - I just need to decide if its 'done' or not.

So please, give me your thoughts - would you oxidize this or leave it shiny? (and it is shiny - really really shiny - LOVE the new polisher!!)

I think I have a busy week at work this week -- but, soon....... in just two weeks......vacation.

Blissful, long, lovely days at the beach.

AND, this year - two weeks! Not that I'll stay the entire time, I'll scoot back, check in at work, make sure things are going well, but then I'll go back down. The rest of the family will make do without me. AND, I'll have a couple of nights HERE, with no one you know what THAT means!?? BENCH time!! Whoot! Whoot!

Doesn't take much, does it? ;-) (to excite me that is...)



  1. Hi Janice!
    I use those storage draweres all over my studio as well, I love them! The ring is gorgeous. I say oxidize it (but you probubly knew that. I can't help myself)

  2. Goodness Janice, do you ever stop moving?! I'm wiped out just frmm reading this post...think I need more coffee! :)

    I adore that rng! It's prefect and I would love to see how it would look on my!

  3. Beautiful ring! I like the high polish with that stone...there are some good contrasts with the lines already! I say no to oxidizing, although I think either way would work! (Big help, aren't I?)

    And go for it on the swimming!

  4. I say, send that ring to me, so I can decide on my hand if it needs oxidation or not!

  5. Well the ring is gorgeous. I'm not sure I would oxidize other have said, the shine makes it stand out. I like all the requests too that want the ring sent to them for a final thought on the whole oxidation thing....I would chime in for that too!!! :D

  6. Love that ring,,,, I think it's perfectly lovely just as is. It's shiny and bright. Perfect!!!


  7. the ring is gorgeous, maybe just a "little" oxidation in the low points, but when you have the equipment, there is nothing like that kind of shiny, is there? So there it is, another comment in which no dfinitive answer was given, oh well.