Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Faves

I have a fave, but its by way of wishful thinking. Meaning, I don't have it, or one....yet.

My fave today?

A 'proper' workbench/surface/place.

This really made an impression on me during/after taking the weekend workshop with David Huang. At the Creative Metalworks classroom space there are proper jewelers benches. In addition there are glorious humongo tree stumps - on wheels of course. I'm in lurrrrrrrrrv.

Its the best. Having the proper surface height and stability makes an incredible difference, especially for certain things. Chasing into the hollow forms - yea, its important.

I was excited to work on my vessel at home, but have run into numerous issues. One being that I don't really have the correct chasing tools. I have some tools I bought years ago, they are like toothpicks compared to the tools we used in class. I actually tried to use them just to 'stamp' a pattern on one area of my vessel and stopped and said out loud, "are you kidding me?". It was ridiculous. So I'm back to attempting to make some chasing tools. I have two that are semi-workable for now.

HOWEVER, my worksurface in my studio is metal. It was the best kind of bench/table/surface at the time. FREE. It came from an office setting - its about 5 feet long and ALL Metal. Top, legs, braces - the whole kit and caboodle. Great as a fire retardant, not so great for hammering on. First, its loud. Second, there is far too much recoil (or kickback).

So I turned to the lovely stump my DEAR friend Christy gave me. Its a very nice stump, depending on what its used for. Its rather tall and sort of slender (its a sexy tree stump) but its a little awkward to sit at to try to chase on top of. This is however where I ended up the other night. Legs sort of straddling the stump because it rocks the tiniest bit, hammering too high for comfort (maybe I just have a short chair).....and probably wasting a lot of my energy when more could have been going directly down onto the chasing tool.

So my favorite today is a proper jewelers bench, something I hope to have one day.

AND a lovely short, fat, sturdy hunk of a stump. That would be sexy in a whole other way.

Hmm, I'd have his and hers stumps, sort of, in a way........

Do you love your workbench or do you wish for something different? I'm interested in hearing what you have or what you'd want if you could redo it -- maybe it will help point me in the right direction one day. (for the record, I did have a tip on two jewelers benches through craigs list - RIGHT in my own town, but sadly after one email the owner has stopped responding)

Have a fab-o Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, and wait. I've had people wondering about eating raw. Whats a typical day look like?

Well, for now it goes something like this:

breakfast - a big bowl of cut up fresh fruit. Watermelon, peaches, strawberries and bananas have shown up a lot recently.

lunch - a plate of chopped veggies (yellow squash, zuccini, onion, carrot...or whatever I find in the fridge) with some nuts chopped on top or some flax seed. Often I will top it with a mixture I make - soy, honey, ginger and red pepper flakes. Sometimes I just squeeze a lemon over it. Other days I have a typical green salad and sometimes I forgo those and have hummus on red bell pepper or celery. (not sure hummus is really a raw food. at this point I"m about 98% raw)

dinner - something similar to lunch

Snack - I've been making the YUMMIEST frozen slushy drinks. I chop fruit and put in freezer. Pour soy milk in blender, add some frozen fruit - BLEND. Enjoy.

I am looking into some recipes with alternative items -- using ground seeds and nuts to make a sort of 'graham cracker' like crust. . . making a puree' out of red bell pepper and seasoning, things like that. I just haven't gotten that creative yet.

I still feel REALLY good. Lots of energy, good mood, etc. I'm VERY pleased with this as a way of eating and a way of life. I'm not totally sure how it will work come winter. I love the idea of eating locally, but am not sure how that translates into being a rawist come winter. We shall see.

Any other raw foodists out there?



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  2. I believe most of us starting out have to make do as you did with your table. Love to read catalogues to see what the proper equipment looks like and try to figure out acceptable substitutes. Many blogs have good suggestions for substitues and ways to make equipment.

  3. I really like my bench set up. A professional jewelers bench is nice, but my bench is huge and deep! Janice, I posted a recipe you might like today on my blog. Chilled cucumber soup (it's raw)

  4. You found me! There are lots of raw foodists out there and our numbers are growing by leaps and bounds!