Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TFT - A teaser

I worked until a little after 5pm today, then came home to two little boys running around. LG had a friend come home from school with him. So I had to hold dinner until friend left around 6:30. By the time I got it all on the table and we ate, it was late......late, late, late. Still needed to help LG get set up with his homework, then I fled to the basement.

First I needed to clean out my pickle pot and refill it. First disaster of the evening. I bought new ph down. My old ph down was hardened, a big chunk, always needed to shake it hard to get some to come out. Opened the NEW ph down and turned it over and shook - about 3 cups went into my little pickly pot. Not sure if I need to scoop some out or not, but to be cautious I will do that. (tomorrow)

Then the two tutorials that I was on target to finish BOTH ran into issues. So, neither one is done.

Can we say 'frustrated'?

I then turned my attention to taking pictures of a lot of the work I made for the show earlier this month. I will go ahead and list some on Etsy, however the photos didn't come out too great. Actually the jewlry is REALLY dirty which didn't help. I've never had so much GUNK left on them from polishing. Its like its hardened on and permanently bonded. I need to scrub and tumble and see what happens.


Moving on..........

I worked on some pieces -- they aren't finished but here is a teaser:

These are pretty raw and rough. No sanding or clean up yet. . . even so they don't look half bad!

Even though tomorrow is NOT an 'official bench night' I might be able to steal away for a bit after LG goes to bed. If so, I will definitely finish these.



  1. You could make nice big post earrings (like house wives of the 60's wore. necklace, rings, that design is terrific!

  2. Thanks Lisa! These are going to be earrings - several pairs. I have already made one pair (though slightly different) and have been wanting to make more. I LOVE them. :-)