Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet Tess and Jess!

None of us makes it 'alone'.

We are all draw inspiration from other artists and we all have people who support us in one way or another. Those who encourage us, or help with laundry, or ensure we have a bench night. ;-) Things like that.

In my supporting cast - I have two relative newcomers who, probably unbeknownst to them, are poised to play a big role in my work.

They are Tess and Jess.

YAY! I have two mannequin heads.

Tess is on the left (her name is actually Teresa, but I like Tess because it rhymes with Jess and the other one we named first.)

I had considered mannequins in the past but hadn't really done any shows so couldn't justify the purchase, especially when the price was so high. I originally wanted a half body - that I could put a shirt on and do a necklace and bracelet. However, these have pierced ears and can also showcase a necklace, so I opted for these. In addition, I got these from at a GREAT price - I think with shipping the bill still came in under $55.00. That is WITH shipping! I may go back for a half body one at a later date...but for now these are just about perfect for my needs! My show booth is evolving quite quickly (and probably perpetually).

In other news, my sprouts are growing by leaps and bounds! I used some in my salad last night and I ended up with salad for lunch today too and so................

I had some more sprouts at lunch! The salad base was red leaf lettuce and to that I added some carrot, red pepper, onion, oranges, flax seed, and.........SPROUTS!

MMMMMMMMM, so good. :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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