Thursday, November 05, 2009

Gorgeous new jewelry!

I have the pleasure to make jewelry that I love. I love the process of making it, start to finish - by hand, all the little components, fabricating, building it up, finishing, etc. I love seeing the finished piece and knowing that it started life as simple sheet and/ore wire. And now I am beginning to enjoying the thrill of seeing other people love my jewelry. Enough to purchase it with their hard earned money. THAT is a great feeling!

I also have the pleasure of being friends with people who make jewelry that I love. I even own a few pieces made by some of them!

On top of that (as if that wasn't enough!), I have the immense pleasure of being part of a community of artists who support one another and share advice and technical talk.

Recently, on the forum, Jerry Scavezze took the time to post a few photos of some recent work. And he has been patient in answering questions about his work!

Jerry is a fine craftsman who works and teaches (read that - TEACHES) in Colorado.

The first photo showcases his 14k gold anticlast rings with diamonds, sapphires, pink tourmaline.

This next is a 14k gold cuff that is anticlast x 2! With diamonds.

Stunning. Elegant. Classic.

Now add sexy.

Two anticlast forms, offset, but together - with 5 diamonds.

I could drool, I mean stare, at this one all day.

Not only does Jerry create beautiful works of art but he is a really nice guy.

Not only does Jerry himself teach, but he brings in fabulous well known names to teach. Names like: Harold O'Connor and Tom Herman.

More info on Jerry Scavezze:
Jerry's website -

And his classes here -

Just another reminder to surround yourself with positive people and lots of beauty!



  1. Those are quite amazing pieces! I can't even pick a favorite...Thank you for sharing!

  2. I could not agree with you more on this Janice! Great post. Thanks for sharing. One day I plan on taking some classes from these talented artists you've mentioned.

  3. Hi Millie!! Hi Kathleen!!!

    I think its really important to surround yourself with positive people as much as possible. People who don't bring you down....

    And while I am primarily "self-taught" - nothing beats being in a workshop environment. Seeing someone actualy do something makes a world of diffrence for me personally. And getting hands-on AND the energy in a workshop - meeting and talking and sharing with other artists - its great. The next best thing, for me, is the forum. The support, friendship, and knowledge - its been really beneficial to me. :)


  4. and if I could type without all those typos - I'd be dangerous!!!