Thursday, April 15, 2010

Binge and Purge, or Prune

I am usually more of a binger than purger - I'm a saver and a hoarder - but today I am purging -- or pruning.

Cleaning out, letting go of, dropping, re-evaluating.

I've recently been purging the files on my computer ( I actually defragged my computer last night!), old clothes from my closet, magazines from overflowing boxes.....weeding, sorting, lightening the load. Sometimes its because a period of usefulness has passed, or items are just outdated, no longer relevant, or we've grown (sometimes in a bad way, sometimes in a good way!)......

and today I'm purging some blogs from my reader.

For many of the reasons stated above.

Some are no longer relevant, or they are outdated (no posts in ages), or I've grown in different directions....or we've just never connected.

Not that I expect to connect with every blogger that I follow!

Some blogs I follow for informational purposes, some blogs because they inspire me, but some because we connect. Its that connection that makes blogging so special to me. The other stuff is great, but connecting with others - it makes me happy. I've always been a people person.

There is one more reason I'm purging - sometimes associations are just negative.

Either directly or indirectly.

Little bits of toxicitiy - to our spirit, our inspiration, our creativity, our selves.

Sometimes its not intentional. I realize that.

However, I also realize though that its important for me to take stock of what I choose to include in my life. Make no mistake - each association is a choice.

And it is important to choose wisely.

For me, this means taking inventory every so often. Not as in a list of what's been done or said....sometimes growth comes from struggle and trial - so its not an absence of conflict - it is looking at what factors help me to be more, to be better. . . . and what ones leave me feeling worse for the wear in some way.

To me it feels good to purge every once in a while. Not only does it remove the old, but it makes room for the new -- for possibilities, promise, hope.

Like pruning a plant.

Cutting back can lead to an explosion of newness!

And that is something worth getting excited about!

When was the last time you pruned or purged?

Maybe its time for inventory and reflection....

Or maybe my life was just getting old and stale.