Friday, April 16, 2010

Time Machine (or) Gaining Perspective

Journey with me.

As I've been sorting through my computer files and internet albums I have come across tons of images of jewelry that I made long long ago, back when...ok, never mind, it hasn't been THAT long ago - its only been about 4 years since I soldered my first ring closed.

I pulled some images from my computer - by no means ALL of the work I've done.....but a handful from each year from 2006-2009

Many of these pieces I have more or less forgotten about - they come to mind no more.

99% of them are in boxes somewhere.


Stuck in storage because I didn't like them. Relegated to a dusty shelf somewhere in the dark damp recesses of my studio.

Well, let me tell you what a difference a few years makes.

Because, you know what?

In looking back at these images, more than once I've said:

"Oh Wow!"


"that's cool!"

Some of the early soldered pieces surprise me.


That I attempted them (I didn't know not to) and that I LIKE them! Which immediately makes me wonder what I was thinking at the time - because nothing was ever 'good enough' then.

This calls in to question my abilities, not as a designer, or fabricator - but as an editor.

The things I've 'edited out' as not good enough. Like nearly all of my work over 4 years!!

As I have thought about it though - it wasn't that I didn't like the designs, it was more about the completion. It was about skills, or lack thereof. Finishing eluded me for way too long.

Maybe I wasn't channeling my inner Tim Gunn - I didn't really know how to make it work.

Although I've forgotten about many of the pieces, I remember the making. Sometimes the challenges of the piece, always the process, but often also what was going on in my life at the time.

Its been a happy little skippy trip down memory lane.

Its been really fun, enlightening, eye opening, and yes even inspiring

Which is a monumental perspective shift.

I am my toughest critic, my own worst enemy.



But in looking back at the entire body of work - viewed as a whole I'm proud of what I've done.

Hell, I'm amazed even. "self" taught as I am.....

I'm happy with my progression.

How about you?