Monday, April 05, 2010

Help! I've got a worm problem!

Yes, I do - have a worm problem.


They seem to love it here. 

Yes, I said EARWORMS. 

That is not a typo. I'm not referring to earthworms. 

I know we're all gardening and those succulent and juicy earthmovers are prevalent right now. 

But no, that is not what I'm not talking about!

Besides, I just barely have my garden ready for planting.

So, Its no typo. I really mean earworm. 

Ever have a case of earworm?

the worms crawl in the worms crawl out...oh sorry, I digress...although it would be nice if earworms crawled out...

But nooooooooo, an earworm never leaves.

An earworm crawls in your ear and wiggles up into your brain....

they dig around for a while and then find their way into your subconscious

and thats where it happens. 

It settles in. 

Takes up residence. 

Makes itself at home. 

And then you, you poor unfortunate soul, (oh, anyone name that movie?)

go through the day subjecting people to sudden outbursts of song lyrics,

you hum incessantly, just under your breath.....but still loud enough to annoy people 

Yea. like that. 

I knew you'd understand. 

I have one. 

I blame it on the Ressurection. 

And we didn't even sing it yesterday.

But its there. Percolating just under the surface....

I'm afraid it may be stuck there until I just belt it out - let loose.....

Up from the grave He arose, 

With a mighty triumph o'er His foes,

He arose a Victor from the dark domain,

And He lives forever, with His saints to reign.

He arose! He arose!

Hallelujah! Christ arose!

WHEW, I feel better now.......but I don't think its gone away......

I think the only way to get rid of an earworm is to replace it with something else. 

Anyone have a suggestion of a new tune to hum?