Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring - is it here?

Its been a lovely week here - the weather has been really beautiful, if not a little bit HOT. 

Seriously, we don't normally have a long spring here in MD - blink and its about over, but this was a blast of heat that took even us by surprise!! 

This is what my car thermometer looked like on my way in to work 2 days ago at just before 9am 

and then here it is today about about 9:15 am

We had a few really hot nights making sleep a bit difficult......and then, rain 

and an almost 30degree temperature drop overnight. 

Gotta love it! 

Spring means a lot of things......fresh air, flowers, buds on trees, green grass, pollen (yes, along with the 'fresh air' there is pollen!) and bugs.

And critters of all sorts really.

But the bugs........ohhhhhhh, the  BUGS.

This year we have new bugs. 

Apparently a transplant from Asia. 

And they are ALL over the place.

this one was in the sink the other night.

 A face only a mother could love.

And then this little guy was in the kitchen last night.
I almost stepped on him, he's less than an inch long I would guess.

I've named him Mason

as in jar.

Which is where he will remain until I get home from work and can put him someplace safe. 

You see, its not safe IN the house with this one roaming around......

although, yes, here she is outside.

So maybe its not safe out there either.

Except when she's out there, she only wants to be in here

with her best bud in the world.
In their favorite chair in the world.
Doing their favorite thing in the world.

OK, back to spring.

This is what my car looked like when I left work yesterday:

gross huh? The pollen is NUTS right now.

I started to draw a picture

then wondered what the heck I was doing and quickly decided I better get my tail home and make dinner.

Seriously though - despite the bugs and the pollen, we have been enjoying the outdoors.

well helloooooooooooo little dog.....

because you are cute and your breath doesn't stink you can tickle my ear

You, on the other hand, keep your distance.


Like maybe on the ground is better.

yea, I put the stinky dog on the ground!

Whatcha gonna do about it?

ok, Mom, you know I'm only kidding!!

good thing buddy,

he's stinky.......
but he's cute.

Like you.

Sometimes stinky,

but always cute.

now where was I going with this post.....?

I forget.

must be all the pollen.

And I think its turning my hair grey.

Or maybe its that I haven't dyed it in a coon's age. (what does that mean anyway?? Coons age....?)

so, what do you think - let the grey keep on growing?

Tell the truth now! I'm toying with letting it grow ALL the way out this time. 
I keep getting stuck about half way and then reaching for the box of dye. 
I don't mind the total grey - its the areas of DARK hair that bother me, 
I don't ever recall having dark hair before...and I'm not sure I like it. 
It just doesn't seem ME
and if there is one thing  I gotta be - its