Monday, May 03, 2010

forgive me

forgive me bloggers.

it has been 2 and a half weeks since my last blogpost....

I'm not even Catholic - But that flowed out of me like I was born to confess.

why no posts?

I've been bathing dogs.........

Lisa looking pathetic

and Pedro looking even more pathetic

and there are other reasons -- I won't go into too much detail

but I've been busy and

hectic and

un-motivated and

somehow 'disconnected'.....and

OK, enoughs enough - 'eh?

I have no idea why I've felt sort of disconnected lately.

Actually, I have definitely taken a step back from some of my regular online habits
and I think that may be why.

I needed to get control of my head-

the input, the inspiration, the motivation.

Everywhere I looked I was seeing 'sameness'
and then when I went to my bench all I could see where those images.




and although lovely.

utterly 'same'.

GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I wanted to scream.


out! out! out! (damnd spot!)

It may be working.....

Yesterday I had some unanticipated bench time - and got to work with an uncluttered mind - and then

I melted stuff.

Too much stuff.

Simple stuff.

So I did what I should have done the last time I had a bench night like that - I polished some older work. Made it shiny and pretty and 'new'.

Now if I could just take photos I'd be ready to offer those babies up for sale. (I think the pendants would benefit from chains of some sort first though....)

We're also doing a LOT of baseball here lately.

Two games a week plus a picture day and Hits for Kids (fun fundraiser)

Cute - aren't they?

I think he's going to keep me hopping for the next couple of months...

we also concluded our first giveaway over on the JAN - stay tuned for the next one!