Monday, June 21, 2010

Wonderful West Virigina

We got back last night.

LATE last night. Rolled in around 11:30. Late night for a LG who has school the next day.
But it was a lovely weekend in WV.

I had the urge the entire time to break out into song

Take me home, country road....

(No, its not really home, never was - I'm not from WV. But I could imagine it being home! The scenery was lovely, the air, although hot - was clear, and the people were very friendly and fun to talk with. It was a really nice get away. )

Back to the song

dark and dusty.......

painted on they sky

In reality though, I can assure you that you don't want to hear me sing.

Really, you don't.

We had about 10 minutes of rain on Saturday night.

No big deal, until we saw what happened next. . . . .

Pretty, isn't it?

Its some big sky up in those hills.

the rainbow was gorgeous and my daughter took some wonderful photos of it (I'm sure you'll see more of those later). She really has an eye for photography. I believe she took all the photos that are making it into this post!

I'd take a photo of something and then she'd grab the camera and take the same photo, only better. So I guess its not the SAME photo - just the same subject matter.
She just has a great eye for composition.

We were in WV for an Arts Festival.

It was hot. VERY hot.

And Saturday was a REALLY long day. We got in late Friday night, went to bed, and the tall one and I rose early on Saturday to go set up my booth. After that, she ditched me in favor of the pool at the hotel. They had a great time while I sat and sweated in my booth! I had a good time, but it was a SLOW weekend for me. Not a heap of traffic and few sales. Enough to cover the expenses I needed to cover, but thats it. :( And then of course there was so much to spend my hard earned money on!

Like this 'tattoo' for my LG.

Very cool really.

Very fun!

My daughter (AKA: the tall one) also picked up a piece of artwork. I'll have to get a photograph to share with you all. Its a very trippy inkpen drawing.

I very much wanted to pick up a piece of artwork. You have no idea......but alas, that purchase must wait until I have a little more cashola in the pocket.

I was particularly impressed with the
Porcelain artworks of Ridgetop Pottery.

Is that not gorgeous?

I want one.

or two or three or four.

And they are completely functional! With the most secure, stable lids. No rocking or teetering. Everything is a secure fit.

The craftsmanship is amazing.

I have more to tell about our adventures in WV but I'm still playing catch up so it will have to wait for another time!