Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Frosted Strawberries

These strawberries were hand picked by my family at Larriland Farm.

They look a little frosty - don't they?

Well that is because they ARE!

They have been washed

and hulled

and then given a quick freeze

before going into gallon ziploc bags to be used later for smoothies, slushies, other yummy treats.

And there were LOTS of them.

Two huge flats were picked and what is pictured here is only HALF of them!

We'll be eating strawberries for a while. :-)

Thats fine by me. Strawberries are so tastey and they are good for you!

Low in fat and sodium they are a good source of folate and potassium, and a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C and manganese. They are high in natural sugar but for most people this doesn't present a problem. So ENJOY!

Those frozen buggers are slippery though, especially on the new granite counter tops, so I did lose a few to the floor - and no, I did not apply the 10 second rule.

I knew when I wrote about the rule that it would be controversial- but I didn't realize until later, as I sat working at my desk, how untrue it really is. I mean, I do practice it - but there are so many clarifications and limitations on it that I began to wonder if it was really a true statement put out there the way it was.

In truth, I guess I am really only comfortable with my own dirt, as in, in my own home, so there is no applying it elsewhere. And even at home the rule depends on what bites the dust - nothing sticky, nothing wet (ewwwwww) . . and on and on, so a few of these lovely ladies did get tossed. Though one or two may have just gotten another good washing. ;-)

I was thinking the other day of a few other little known facts and oddities.

One of them being that I drive barefoot 3/4 of the year AND I often drive with my feet crossed. Strange. I know. I use my left foot under my right to sort of prop up my right foot. Don't know how it began, but its comfy and its how I do it.

Another - I'm a lovely procrastinator. (maybe not a little known fact) On rare occasions procrastination bites. But most of the time it works for me. I'm a last minute kinda gal. Then I just jump in and 'get 'er done'.

Which brings me to the fact that despite having a show on Saturday (come and see me at Gunpowder River Artfest!)

and I should be finishing up last minute items and polishing and pricing (oh my!)

what I did instead was BEGIN some new items!

[In between loads of laundry]

Now I feel compelled to finish these and take them with me on Saturday.

I am not sure that will happen though as I am already behind on a few other obligations which I truly am going to attend to tomorrow.

But, just maybe, if I can squeeze it in..... some of these enameled items will end up as earrings or pendants. And that would be lovely.

The weekend was crazy daisy busy.

We had that b-ball game at 8am on Saturday, then the school fair after that

where we spent almost three hours walking to and fro.

Seeing "Splash" get released from 'jail'

(yea I know - weird. maybe they could have thought of something better like 'release Splash from captivity' or 'release Splash back into the wild!' Then parents wouldn't have heard "Mom, what did Splash DO to get thrown in jail??? Isn't Splash a good dolphin?" truly, I heard this from some little ones more than once!)

There was also a 'toilet' dunking booth.....where my would be pitcher had a great time drenching his teacher.

Unfortunately there isn't a chair, bench, or other place to sit on the school grounds so it was lots of standing and walking.

But it was a good time and the school raised funds for future endeavors.

I ran some errands, had dinner and something else that slips my mind right now, then crashed!

Sunday was church then lunch and laundry and whatnot.

This week:

I have got to put some time into finishing up a few items and packing up for the show on Saturday.

LG has his first playoff b-ball game on Friday night. GO JAYS!

Then it's off early Saturday morning for what I hope is a GREAT show day. Should be a really good experience for me as its my first time at a bigger show. I'm a bit nervous but I 'know' two other vendors who will be there and I'm looking forward to seeing them and having it all be a good learning experience.

What is your week shaping up to be?