Friday, July 16, 2010

So by now you've probably heard

It's not exactly ALL over the news, well, I guess it could be, but I don't really have any news 'on' so I wouldn't know.

BUT, I've heard people are talking about it, so yes, maybe you already know. But you haven't heard it from ME yet! :)

We experienced an earthquake today.

A 3.6

Here in MD.

Yes, I know that is small comparatively speaking. But it sure felt substantial!

It was amazing.

Like, 'wow'.

and totally dude (just had to throw that in there my brain was shook clear back to the 80's)

One minute I was sleeping and the next I was wide awake - shook (shooked, shaken?) awake.

Shaken, not stirred. But um, yea.

So anyway, I was awakened by this massive vibration (shut up Christy, Nancy, Lisa) - the house truly was shaking and it was coming from deep -- you could feel that it was deep in the earth, not like the house had been grabbed from above, but it was coming from underneath. Weird. And well,

I hesitate to say it, in light of the horrific tragedies elsewhere from quakes, but it was kind of cool.

Way cool actually since no one was hurt that I know of.

No structural damage anywhere.

Just lots of shaking.

and barking.

Yes, barking.

My dogs totally freaked.

I guess to them it sounded like someone was trying to beat the house down to get in - or something. They were on alert and they were alerting us.

Just letting us know how much this whole quaking concerned them. Aren't they such good little doggies?

I'm still really 'impressed' with the whole thing. If that is the right word.

The power of it.

And that was just a 3.6!! For which I am very thankful. I can only imagine the terror of a quake on a larger scale.

It really has me thinking anew about the tragedy in Haiti, quakes elsewhere, - the tsunami in SEAsia in 2004 -- and just praying for healing, restoration, peace in those regions and for all those who have been affected by such horrible events.

I consider myself very blessed to have never been in serious danger from any sort of 'natural disaster' or weather related event. We experienced a hurricane (Agnes) in the early 70's that was bad and even though I was very young, I definitely remember the flooding. Here are some photos from hurricane Agnes - downtown old Ellicott City - Main Street in MD

(not sure exactly where this was taken, somewhere in EC)

Probably close to the Patapsco or Patuxent River.

And we've had ice storms that have caused considerable damage.

I've never felt in fear for my life though.

Ever. (not due to weather or those sorts of things).

What about you - Have you ever experienced an earthquake or other natural disaster?