Thursday, August 26, 2010

A big blow-through

That's apparently what we went through last weekend.
At least that is what my LG calls it.

He dubbed it that quite some time ago as he contemplated explosives
and their impact on the earth.

Specifically what it took to create this

which we pass on our way to visit family.

LG loves it.

It iss as close to mountains as we get around here (more or less).

We love being out hiking and rock hopping but we normally blow right through the 'big blow-through'. This time though we decided to pull over and get a closer look.

the children slowed down long enough for me to grab a photo

Before resuming their typical shenanigans

I think its so funny how tiny the cars look even though this isn't a huge hill by any stretch of the imagination.

We make this little 2 hour trek in the car every so often to visit family

and this time specifically because Wyatt turned 1 !


Gotta love a party!

And here comes the cake!

Hmmm, what IS this?

let me see.....colorful......and umm, hmm, tasty!

Nomnomnom, pardon me while I eatwear my cake.

Wyatt was really diggin' this.

I'm so glad I'm not the Mommy!!! :)

I'll be back with metalicousness later!