Thursday, August 19, 2010

YAY ! It arrived!

Well first, let me just say "yay!" that I made a decision.

I can be so indecisive sometimes.

Especially about 'big' things. Things that are going to be permanent, or semi-permanent, or at least you hope they will be around for a long time. That expectation is there.

And also when something is a bit pricey.

Want it to last, Want it to be right. So it can take a while to decide. To jump in with both feet.

To commit.

So when I finally decided to create a maker's mark.....I surprised myself by being really decisive. And really fairly quick.

I guess maybe the timing was just right....I was ready.

So I fiddled a bit, decided on a general idea and then fiddled a bit more.

And then came up with something that I think (I hope!) will stand the test of time. That will be with me for a while. . . . . even as my work I change. As things grow and evolve, which they inevitably do - I hope the mark will still 'fit'.

Here is my little mark.

On a half inch disk....

all proud and pretty.

Sort of looks like a butterfly, but its not.


its not.

so don't even go there.

Maybe its a mark only a mother can it I do.

I'm quite enamored.

Now if only I could find my point925 stamp I'd really be in business, eh?