Friday, August 13, 2010

Reunion Sale!


First - is it really Friday?

I texted a friend of mine this morning wishing him a happy Friday and he texted me back saying - uhh yeaaaaaa, happy friday 2morrow.


That made me stop. Well, not really, red light turned green, I was now moving along in my car, so no stopping, no replying..........but I did think - really think.

What day IS it?

I thought I woke up the other day??? Remember? So I can't still be asleep.

Can I?

no. no. no. I'm positive its Friday.

As positive as I was that my high school reunion was tonight.

Ummmm, no. I apparently got that in my head back when I WAS still asleep.

In the land of the awake, the cognizant....the ORGANIZED - the reunion is TOMORROW night.


But not really.

My daughter's birthday dinner is tomorrow night.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I may not be able to attend the 25th re...uh, did I just really put that out there?

ok, yes, its been 25 years since I graduated high school. and I haven't been to a single reunion thus far and was REALLY looking forward to this one.

I might still be able to make it, but I'm wondering....

its 25 years later.

Just how late do we party these days?

I don't know what time daughter's dinner will be over, gifts unwrapped, cake eaten; but I'm a little concerned it may be later than 'we' still party.

Or maybe I'm the only old fogey in the bunch who can't burn the candle at both ends anymore.

I'm not sure I even have a candle to burn and if I do, I'll probably put it on the cake.

I can't seem to keep track of anything anymore.

so, I may see some old (and new) friends tomorrow night - but its looking a little unlikely at this point.

However, in honor of the 25th.....I'm giving a discount on all items in my Etsy shop to all of my old friends - if you know the mascot of the high school that I attended, just enter it in the notes to seller section and receive 15% off your total order.

Starting today and running through the end of August.

And if you didn't go to high school with me or grow up with me......but you know me from the net -- well, maybe you can figure it out. If you're resourceful. :)

I just put some 'nib' earrings in the shop - in 'leaf' and 'freeform' styles.

I also just put up a cool pair of earrings featuring dalmation stone which is a cool spotted form of jasper.

and finally, new in the shop today - a brooch that my daughter Jessica helped me design!

Check them out as well as the other work in my shop - I've been slowly adding items. Also, I'm extending the sale to any custom work ordered between now and the end of August. :)

Happy Friday!