Monday, August 16, 2010

Whilrwind Weekend

I feel like I Wanda and Cosmo flew in and *poof* the weekend was gone.

Lately they all seem to be going that way. I keep wondering who coined the phrase "the lazy days of summer".

That person obviously didn't come from around here.

We tend to go at a pretty good clip.

Part of that I think is an East Coast mentality. I was borne into it.

Part of it is probably just having kids and a full time job and all that goes with that. And running here and there because its summer and the schedule has poofed out the window right along with my weekend.

And really, I don't even feel like I did that much this weekend, and yet. . .its Monday somehow.

Lets see -Saturday was spent running errands in the morning, doing my Mom's hair in the afternoon, clearing out clutter on the first floor of the house, a smidgen of time spent reorganizing my bedroom (all that 'clutter' has to go some where you know!) getting ready for my daughters birthday party/dinner and then of course having that celebratory dinner in the evening. Then bake a cake for my Mom to take to a gathering on Sunday. I was dead after that, call it a day...veg in front of the tv for a few and go to bed a little after midnight. Read a bit - pass out.

Sunday was church, lunch, a photo shoot for a friend with a new jewelry line (VERY cool line of upcycled/recycled jewelry made from parts of pencils - different from pencil jewelry I've seen before. VERY cool, stay tuned, hopefully he'll have them listed online soon!), then a movie with my son (VOD - Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Cute), some lego action (I can build a mean fighter jet thingy with blasters and um, stuff), dinner, laundry, photo shoot of some of MY jewelry, some family time, upload picture time, brain dead time, then bedtime a little after midnight. (something has got to change about that timeline...), read a little in bed and then fall into a deep sleep.

And now its Monday.

and with that said, break time is over, time for me to get some work done!

SHOP update later today or tonight. I've got it all ready to go, just a few cut and pastes and it will be done!