Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweet music to my ears

The past couple of weeks have been a bit crazy. Such is life it seems.

School starting back up, some family stuff - one coworker out unexpectedly.....lots on my mind.....retreat is less than a month away. Wow. Time flies. It really does. I mean REALLY. The older I get, the more I appreciate that.

My son and I went to a musical event at church tonight. It was a 'songs and sweets' evening and proceeds support the theatrical department, either at the school or the church I'm not entirely sure which. Anyway, it was a lot different than I expected and it was quite good - both the singing and the sweets. :) The songs were all from Disney - a few verses - of maybe 20 songs or more. It was very playfully done - and that Debbie Sutton. WOW. who knew? Not me! That lady has been blessed by God for sure - a loverly voice but also a real comedic timing. Very funny. And the sweets done by teve Cumby - yum-o. The chocolate covered bacon was a taste treat. I've heard of it before but had never tried it -- It was amazing. Not raw.....but totally yummy.

LG went to a sleepover last night so I stole some bench time.
Made a quick little ring - I may apply a patina, not quite sure yet....but here's a sneak peek

The photos aren't the best - still trying to get a handle on the new camera. Which is supposed to be the same as the old camera just a newer version of it. I'm not convinced.

I seem to be getting a lot of grainy photos - the clarity is missing. ARGH.

Of course today is '9/11' and my thoughts keep going to the events of that day....all the people who lost their lives.....the people who lost loved ones ..... how life was irrevocably changed. . . where I was that day, who I was with....the days that followed. How in some ways life will never be the same...there are holes that weren't there before. All because of hatred. Intolerance. Fear.

Is it wrong to hate my fear of intolerance?

Or to be intolerant of the hate that causes fear?

Or fear the hate that causes intolerance?

We is them and they are us......

Rambling...........could say more. But won't. :)