Friday, October 22, 2010

Jewelry Artists Retreat, more photos!

Here is the view from the back of the house.

Lovely, isn't it?

The lake is gorgeous and so quiet this time of year. I am sure in the summer it is full of boats, and people, water skiiing, music, laughter....

but in the fall, it is VERY peaceful.

I like it.

I keep receiving requests for images of the people from the retreat - with names. As mentioned ad nauseum, I'm slowly editing photos, some are blurry or have horrid lighting, but I've found a few that I think I can safely share.

Despite some poor images, between yesterday and today - you've got 13 faces and names.

this is arrival day, not everyone was there yet - but we have L to R

Nancy E., Sue, tiny-head-Wendy, Ann, Janice, Deborah, Nancy V., Saree

To the left is Lisa, with tiny-head-wendy.

This is Saree, hard at work with her flexshaft.

One of her goals for the week was to know her flexshaft and the attachments better.

Sue - always smiling. :)

(Despite horrendous tool issues this year - and many trips to the welding shop to try to fix the torch)

Angela - Muscling her way through a tough solder job!

Ann overseeing the etching

(get your face out of there girl - watch out for those fumes!)

Janice and Christy take a break to smile for the camera, then.........


Rina and Deborah - pushing each other to move outside of their respective comfort zones.

Nancy E.

This a perfect photo of her - she looks serene, no?

That's Nancy E. - gentle pace, gentle tone....steady does it - quietly working all day.

Definitely a southerner on Southern time. :)

Last post you saw Luetta and Linda.

So that wraps it up!

More photos yet to come of tools and projects.