Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pharmacy girls, crazy bunch

My place of employment holds a pumpkin decorating contest each year. I think the categories are funniest, scariest, and most original. The pharmacy girls - the oncology pharmacy girls - have a great track record. They turn in the cutest pumpkins and have won at least two awards, probably more, I don't keep track of these things.

Anyway, today they wheeled their pumpkin up to research, because, well, their pumpkin was barred from the display area. It is reported that someone complained that the pumpkin was offensive. hmmmmmmmm.

Now they were told that people could still vote for their pumpkin, they took a photograph of it that is being whipped out and shown - to whom I'm not sure. ANYWAY, I took my own photo when they were wheeling the darling pumpkin girl around.

Here she is -

Making Pumpkin Pie

I think its cute.

Very cute. :-)

I suppose I can see that they may not want the pie being made this way sitting in the cafeteria...

but still - she's cute.

I hope she wins.

Pharmacy works hard every day - really hard. And with the amount of research we do - well, we give them lots of extra paperwork etc.

Its nice that they still have fun and that they'd bring her up to show us! It would be great for them to win. :)