Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The much requested photos

OK OK OK I finally have some photos!

I've been asked by so many different people - ok so I've been asked, poked, prodded, reminded.......all in the nicest of share photos of the cleaned out studio.

I've gone one step further. I dug out some photos that I happened to take a few months back. Not all of them are the same angles - I didn't know I was going to be doing a side by side comparison - but hopefully this gives an idea of what it was and what it is now.



Its so tidy!

I have removed the small scattered postcards that were taped up with neon pink duct tape. I trashed a couple of them and kept the two Wayne Werner cards and posted them next to a print out of the REproduction ring from the retreat. Seeing as they are subject matter related.

On the same wall (above my little blue jewelers bench) I have posted some photos of the retreat as well as a few of my LG and some found objects. And an odd chicken recipe. The wall above my large table (soldering area) now has the sketch sheet from a Charles Lewton-Brain workshop (on gold inlay/fusion) and a YES sign I doodled last night. I also scrawled the word yes with sharpie on a few surfaces here and there. I'll take new photos tonight if I get a chance.

I like how the areas are much more organized now. I removed a lot of boxes from the floor, labeled them well and got them up out of the way on a file cabinet. The press got pushed back a foot or two and clearing out the floor made room for the air compressor to sit behind the press. Easily accessible but out of the way. I was able to bring in one more 5 drawer storage container, placed that near the press, and one drawer holds urethane and various press accoutrement.

I am not thrilled with the white walls - but they aren't mine to paint so I will be covering part with more photos and maybe some color blocks. I'll grab some photos from the other direction to show the press area better.....and the file cabinets. I know I took more photos but I must not have them with me. So...once again - stay tuned!