Thursday, December 16, 2010


in the name of luhhh-uvvvvv before . . . . . . .

oh, wait.....wrong song.

What I meant to say was:
STOP! in the name of YOU!

STOP comparing!!!

I see so many artists comparing themselves to others.....

In style

In productivity

In sales

In followers

In views

In 'friends' and circles and readers and

and and and



deeeep breath.


No, I mean it.

just stop. (don't make me come over there)

you are you.

you are an artist on your own journey

taking your own path.

NO one has been

where you have been

they don't have your experiences,

your vision,

your responsibilities,

your relationships,

your goals, your purpose, your passion!

they don't.

you do.

you hold all of that.

Its yours.

Uniquely so.

Believe in that.

Believe in yourself

and dare to see where that takes you.

It won't be where others are.

And that is a wonderful thing.