Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Its the season!

YAY! I love it!

For us, the weather turns cold.......and for me that just seems to usher in Christmas and New Years.

There is a chill in the air.....................

ummmmmm, no, really, right now it is far more than a chill.

Its downright cold!!

24degrees when I left for work this morning. And the wind chill making it feel much colder!

But its ok - I enjoy the change of seasons. I like how nature gets quiet when its this cold.

The birds don't sing quite as much and the squirrels dart about much less.....the rabbits are no where to be seen.........they tuck themselves away in their nests and burrows, trying to stay warm.

I do that too.

I dash into the house from the cold and I tend to stay there! Its dark this time of year when I leave work, so when I arrive home the house is lit, the windows glowing, beckoning me inside.

And inside I go! brrrrrrrrrr.

Then there is the excitement and anticipation......I love the celebration of Christ's birth. . . the ultimate 'gift', the sacrifice, the love.....all of which we express to one another with our purchases and notes in cards and gifts.

I love the hushed voices as we make plans for that special gift for family and friends and the joy of finding just the right thing for that hard to shop for person! (more on that later as my mucho fabulouso find this year may be a bust due to a shipping issue). I like how people tend to focus more outward than on self.

Much to my surprise, I have done most of my shopping online this year. Between Etsy and Amazon, I'm almost done and I haven't stepped foot in a store! Which isn't necessarily a good thing.........its just a different thing - a convenient thing.

But I am looking forward to getting out this weekend and feeling the electricity in the air as I join the other shoppers in the stores.....sharing in the hunt....something about the shared experience and the collective joy among people at this time of year (for the most part!) just does it for me!

Its also family time. Each year we drive down to Leesburg for a Channukah/Christmas celebration. My Aunt makes the most delicious and wonderful meal of brisket, noodle kuegel, tzimmis, potato latkes, applesauce, and green beans. Oh. My. Word.


It is an amazing meal.

Made even more amazing by the company. :)

Unfortunately I did not get good photos this year. I've been messing with my camera so much lately that now I find I'm never ready for 'that shot'. (can we say ahhhhNOYing)

Little Wyatt gets snapped so many times though it is no wonder there is something good in there!

and while LG is always in the camera's eye....and is featured prominently on the blog....

what about the tall one?

His big Sister?

I managed to get a couple photos of her.

And then there is this:

Apparently 'Santa' comes to Leesburg on a Fire Engine.

I know this is the tradition in various towns, but I had never been witness to it and although my camera was right there in my hand, it didn't occur to me to take a photo until they were heading away!

My son was somewhat baffled by the whole thing...

I've made a few gifts this year too. Something I always think I am going to do but then somehow never get around to actually doing. I have already gifted one - a sterling cuff and earrings to my Aunt. (and somehow ended up with a sale there too.....which seems odd, but I'm thankful!!)

And I have a few more to make for others, so I can't say anything more about that other than I am REALLY enjoying creating with a specific person in mind.

In addition, I'm really excited about some new things coming in 2011.

One is a line of products made from a recycled item ( and not just jewelry! and thats all you get for now! anticipation! surprise! fun, huh?)

and the other is.........of course, the welding!! I am still waiting on the electrical 'findings' for the new mig welder. . . . am planning (hoping!) to be up and running with that by the first of the year! (yay!)

So, here is hoping a happy holiday season filled with anticipation and excitement and love, and joy, and PEACE !