Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alien Spinning Spaceship

Not sure if the video will work, but this is my attempt at it!! 

I have had a lot of questions about this ring. I dont know where the design came from - serendipity I guess. It came together on its own, progressed from the ring I made last week - the spinning splat. :) 

I have always enjoyed kinetic jewelry. Partly because it is fun and partly because it is a challenge to figure out the mechanisms and get it clean enough to work smoothly.

I used to do more kinetically. I used hinges and dangles for movement.

Then I got into spinning things.....but havent played with it much for a long time.

I have been greatly inspired by Danielle Miller to play with it more. And by Michael Boyd reminding me to 'play'. I have always played a LOT at the bench and kinetics feeds into that big time. :)

This weeks ring is garnet, peridot, and I think a ruby - need to see if I can find any labelling or purchase info.

Its handfabricated from sterling. 

The other ring is not quite finished, it needs a patina for sure I think.

Do you agree? Patina to bring out the details/texturing?

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