Monday, January 03, 2011

For those who know me (and those who don't)

For those who do know me - you know several things about me...........

so SILENCE! or I KILL you! why did I ever ...oh, wait. never mind

(LOL - not really. Just had to say that. Its become a frequent expression in our house - thanks a LOT Lisa)

OK, so if you know me

- You know that for the past ohhh, 5 years maybe, I've taken part in the Year of Jewelry (YOJ) project which is a piece of jewelry a week for an entire year. (here are some excerpts - 2005, 2006, 2007 )

Part of the fun of the YOJ was playing.

Like making this 100% cold connected ring. How bizarre!

I found I explored a lot more.

For instance, these earrings were drilled, milled, reticulated, and soldered. Just more play.

And I LOVE the results!
(sadly, I lost one of the earrings)

One year, maybe 2, I got all the weeks done, if not posted at the right time. I took a year off in there somewhere and then last year I joined it again - but I fizzled out about halfway through - participation was down overall and there were only 3 of us posting at that time, and I just ran out of steam.

News: I joined this year. (2011)

- You might know that I almost joined the "Ring a Day" project last year too.

But then I decided that would just be insanity. I barely get my family fed every day so there wasn't much hope for a ring a day. (I did pop in from time to time to see all the rings - wow, the creativity is admirable!)

- You probably don't know that I THEN saw that there was going to be a Ring a Week (RAW) project - and if you know me you DO know that rings are 'my thing'....I wub 'em.

Making them, wearing them away. For those reasons, I just HAD to join the RAW challenge.

<- Just the tiniest sample of some rings

And at the end of 2011, I'll have that many more - AT least! (I think...didn't count those...)


Now even if you don't really know me - you know a few things about me.

I'm a joiner.

I'm a sucker.

The end.