Monday, February 07, 2011

some oldy but goodies

I wanted to share another really quick and easy and yummy recipe. Its a good standby that I don't make often, but I make regularly -- when I need something quick and light and really really good.

This is a quick apple tart.

Apples, butter, sugar, and a refrigerator pie crust -- and some optional items depending on your personal palate.

I actually added some lemon rind and squirt of fresh lemon juice to this one that I made a couple of
weeks ago

Start by browning butter and sugar into a basic caramel....

 Next add sliced apples on top
Sprinkle with some cinammon and nuts if you want (totally optional)

 Cover with a pie crust (pre-fab works REALLY well)
and then put in oven and bake til brown and bubbly...


Then turn out onto a platter.

Pretty! Yes?

and really really good.

I make this frequently. . . .and it is really hard to mess up.

I finally got these photos off my old broken camera. Camera is still broken but I finally figured out how to get in it and swipe these photos (yay me!)

These are from Christmas Eve - LAST year. 09

right before I dropped my camera on the new (hard)tile(hard) floor and went all boo-boo faced.

Pop, LG, th tall one, GeGe

so nice to see. :)