Sunday, February 06, 2011

Another busy - and productive! - day

Its been a long day  - but a good day. I went to church, ran to the store (well, I drove...), got some bench time (whooohoooooooooo!), spent some time in the kitchen, ran up and down the stairs about 45 times (seriously), and watched some football. YAY! good times. :)

When we got home from church and the store, I quickly changed my clothes to make us some lunch......I was feeling good so I snapped a quick photo - update on the growth of my hair


Not much change.....just a tiny bit longer - a little more grey.

After lunch I took LG to a friend's house and then I got some bench time!! And here is what happens to my hair when I go to the bench........

All pinned up  - nice and safe!

I actually wear my hair up like this at home about 99.9% of the time. Makes me look a little funny but keeps it out of my face. :)

A couple hours at the bench and I had Topography #4

This one is sterling and garnet and is a pendant.

I textured the back on this one - thought it would be fun.

So the age old question is -

patina or not?

Back in the kitchen -- I made beef dip subs for Super Bowl (for the second year in a row) -- sooooo good. And I baked brownies that were more like a mud slide dessert - served with vanilla ice ceam.

They are a super easy meal - sweat some onions and then add the meat - sear it quickly on both sides, then add a bunch of stuff to the pot (sherry, beef both, babey bellas....but really whatever you want), cover tightly and cook for 3 - 4 hours. I love it - throw it together and forget it.

Take it out, shred the meat with a couple of forks - pile on buns, top with provolone and run under the broiler. The drippings and onions from the pan go in small bowls for people to dip their subs into.




So good. :)