Monday, April 25, 2011

Life - its up and down and all around......

Its been a while, 'eh?

So much has been happening....I'll have to drag it out over several posts to make any sense at all.

The ups and downs of real estate will have to wait....buying and selling.....its turned into quite an ordeal. And not a nice one. Hence my recent disappearance from, well, just about everywhere. While I spiraled into a pit of despair....

ok, not quite, but it was pretty bad for a while and even though things are not 'fixed' yet......I'm feeling better.

But there have been happier and nicer things going on. And for now, I need to concentrate on that.
There's been little league baseball.

Which has been great except for the recent night game that didn't begin until 7:30 with whipping winds and downright frigid temperature!

The daytime games have been nice though.

The team is coming together and playing well.

We are 5-1 so far.

And of course, yesterday..............................

Love Easter.

Death and resurection, new life, hope ,faith, love, sacrifice......and nothing to do with bunnies, and yet we had a few.

Bunnies are nice too.

I've had a smidgen of bench time the past month or two, though I haven't photographed much of it. Here are two rings that I'm fond of and I did manage to get a few photos.....

Beginning of my new series of scrap pieces. I'm really enjoying the freedom that these bring - I'm basically doing them 'freehand' - no advance design sketches, just pulling the scrap bin forward, digging in and going for it. I may not be able to get back to them soon as I will be packing my studio in the next week or so,  but I am hopeful that I can get ONE day before then to create the ENTIRE day.

We shall see. :)