Thursday, March 24, 2011

It just keeps getting better and better (NOT)

Why do we say that "It just keeps getting better and better" sarcastically when things are getting worse and worse?

Maybe its so we don't jump off the nearest bridge....or bury our heads under the covers for days at a time.

I was working from home today, when my mouse stopped working. The pointer sat motionless in the middle of the monitor - mocking me. It seemed to say "you thought your precious laptop was important - ohhhh, well, now you can deal with THIS"

uhhh, ok. gulp.

Luckily I have an old mouse with an old round color coded plug, not a usb cord/plug. Which is a good thing because apparently its not the mouse, its the usb outlets on my computer. ALL of them. Dead.

as the proverbial doornail.

I wanted to laugh and be all lighthearted about it.


What else could go wrong? (nothing I hope)


In between all of the house selling/buying stuff, baby appointments, baseball starting, and computer deaths..........

I have begged a bit of bench time because I have a little show coming up on Saturday (the 26th - at Liberty High School, Eldersburg).

These rings are super fun and really comfortable. I hope people like them. :)

They are fairly quick to make, so its a great item for an economical price point. (YAY!)

Also some tiny studs - garnet and peridot - and again - quick and tiny stones = great final pricetag! 

Horrid process shots-pre cleaning and polish.......

I know this is going to be a smaller show so I had wanted to be sure I have a lot of my lower price point items.

I thought I would have puuuulenty of time to get it all together.

But with everything else going on...well, not so much.

I really want to keep one of these, but am going to be good and put them all out for sale on Saturday.

It just means I'll have to make one for myself at a later date!

Oh, and amidst everything else - we also had this one Saturday.


More about that later. :)