Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the studio + photos + free lightbox

I just realized that I've yammerd on  the past few days (weeks?) about all sorts of things besides jewelry and metalsmithing.

(yammerd - you know - yammer, as in ramble)

Yes, I did feature some RAW rings - lovely, right?

But I haven't shared much from my own studio. Partly because I have been very busy with other things.

And partly because of a few other issues we've been dealing with that are FAR less than pleasant (understatement of the century) and I've just needed to chit-chat to keep my mind going in more pleasant directions.

But, despite the berserk boxing of belongings that is going on - and on top of everything else I HAVE managed to maintain my sanity (such that it is) by retreating to the sanctuary of my studio.

I'm not sure it was even a 'want' it felt more like a 'need'.

ALONE time.

Quiet - despite the ring of hammer blows and whir of the flexshaft.

Its an oxymoron for sure.

But there is a sweet solitude found in the studio, and a distinct purpose that is now so second nature that my mind can rest as my body takes on the tasks at hand - Cut, hammer, solder, pickle, rinse - repeat. Refine, clean, sand, buff. and on and on.

And I sorely needed my mind to rest.

Rest or fracture seemed like the two possibilites.

the studio where I can explore.

Long ago I gave myself permission to play and explore without restraint or worry. This has been one of the most freeing things in the world.

Sometimes the explorations result in something wonderful in terms of a piece of work or a new direction or technique.

Sometimes I end up with nothing tangible except lessons learned.

And that is something wildly wonderful as well.

Times like these that I feel truly blessed.

Almost beyond words.

I also finally made a ring for a special lady who has been ohhhhh so patient.

Perhaps she decided that this ring was never going to happen.

I've been so embarrassed by the length of time that has gone by that I haven't contacted her about the ring in ages.

But working within the constraints of the Transformations series, I used all scrap to create this ring. Carefully chosen scrap - some of it leftover keum-bo with 24k gold on it. Added new are 4 small faceted stones - ruby, sapphire, peridot and amethyst.

It is done and it will be mailed out tomorrow morning.

I hope she likes it. I hope it was worth the wait
And I have to apologize for the quality of the photos. The perpetual packing has resulted in my little lightbox being collapsed, folded, and packed. It closes down so small - I love it!

And because I really wanted to get a few photos to put up on the blog I made a small, single use, disposable set-up - that was ENTIRELY free!

You can make one too - seriously.

It's easier than you think.

First gather your supplies:

ok, heck, its even easier than that....see photo below

My bedside nightstand.
Two pieces of white paper. One as a backdrop and the other as a 'tent' to diffuse the light.
The light shown there, plus the overhead bedroom light was on.

And "snap" - and I have the photos you see here on the blog.

Not the greatest, but CERTAINLY not the worst. Yes?

What about you - do you ever McGyver a lightbox?

Is that your preferred method or do you have a commercial lightbox like mine (or better?)?

I could even get my hand in there and by tipping the camera juuuuuust so, get a photo of me wearing one of the rings.

I love that this lightbox is 'green' and biodegradable. :)

Thanks to everyone who has been commenting and emailing - I can't tell you how much it MAKES MY DAY! Seriously. I love reading your comments and hearing your thoughts - thanks so much for being a part of my life!
(more photography info here )