Friday, May 20, 2011

A plea

to the fabric folks.

Those of you who are sew terrific. Makers of bags, purses, wallets......

I may be the only one who ever asks you this. but please, consider making coin 'purses' for little boys.

I searched and searched at Christmastime for a small coin purse type wallety thing for my son. They are insanely difficult to find for boys. At least on Etsy.

At least for me.

I did end up buying this

and we LOVE it.


Its by artist Marcia Furman on Etsy - and it has a cool graphic for a boy.....and it came so well packaged and we DO love it -

but its a tad bigger than what would be ideal. In a perfect world and all. And I'm all about trying to create a perfect world (and all)

uhhhhhh, yea.


Little boys are.............................well......................


And they have little  clothes, with little pockets.

And they NEED little coin pouch thingies.

 At least this little guy does.


He has on little shorts and those shorts have little pockets.

But he has a BIG appetite and needs lunch money and snack money to take to school.

And spending money on other occassions....

and, well - What's a boy to do?

Either someone else needs to make somethign just a bit smaller.

Or I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands.

And that might not be very pretty.

I don't know how to sew. (though I desperately want to learn)

I don't have a sewing machine nor can I afford one right now. (there was that ninja purchase, and now a new tent that's NFPA 701 compliant, but don't get me started on THAT right now...oh yea, and that house/mortgage thing.)

So I think it would be better for all concerned ( but mostly me ) if someone ELSE would take on this task that is so hugely important to so many of us  (but mostly me ) and then the world would rejoice (or maybe just me ).

Truly, I'm just looking out for all the little men of this world who need to safely carry their lunch money (or maybe just me, being a Mom to a little man and all....)