Saturday, July 23, 2011


There has been so much happening that I haven't had time to blog or post on the forums or do much of anything except take care of what is right in front of me each day. Which hasn't always been what I planned to take care of on a given day. The past few months have just been like that - such is life.

While I've been far too tired to post, I HAVE had my camera with me most of the time and on occassion have had enough composure to pull it out and snap off a few shots. So although I am very tired tonight - quite beat actually after getting less than 2 hours sleep Wednesday night - I feel a huge need to get back to posting. . . .to connect. So here are a few photos to share what's been going on...

Two shows in June - this from one that had lots of fun entertainment with it. :)

LG turned 10 in June -  birthday party

end of baseball season - twas a good but LONG season

we've had lots of critter visitors

in our garage:

on patio door

loads of holiday fun

a baby shower just following July 4th fun

and then a baby not too long thereafter!

less than 10 minutes into the big world...

and a few minutes after that : -)

packing and transporting...on a HOT HOT day (around 100 with HIGH humidity!)

we are still moving slowly - painting, putting up curtains and shades now . . . need to pick up a few more critical pieces of furniture. Slow going but nice to have the time to take our time.

AC is out today and its still HOT HOT HOT going to shut this thing down now.

Hope to be posting regularly very soon!