Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things are coming together

I've been so incredibly busy with all of the packing and getting my parents house ready for showings, and all the packing getting my household ready to move, then there were the inspections and repairs and there was settlement and more repairs, and pods to be moved, and more repairs.

I'm now the proud owner of a very small, rather old, ranch style house. Soooo different from anything I've ever lived in! I am quickly realizing that the 'work' will never be done. But the neighborhood is nice and in my area, where houses are high, this was within my budget.

Now there is painting to be done and then the real moving in will take place. I am so blessed to be able to do this over time, but now I think we just all want it done. :) I have a few 'before' shots, from the original listing...




SHED. :) 

and one part of the basement  - that whole back corner will be my new studio. 

I won't be doing too much to it, just moving my things in and putting up a divider. 

I'll actually extend left to behind the steps and come out at least as far as the "I" beam. So it will be pretty big! YAY!

 the previous owner left that huge work table, a fairly large vise, and at least one pegboard. Also left maybe 5 of those large steel shelving units. YAY! :)

Now some progress photos.....

don't get excited - nothing major. (I'm working on a REALLY tight budget here!) 

kitchen has received some major elbow grease - its very clean now. :)

and I replaced the light....not my first choice, but needed something quick.  

Its very small and only has one bulb - not the best choice. 

But for now - its all good. :) 

Master bath was gutted (with the exception of the tub) 
and all new everything - from drywall to tile to toilet etc...new. :) 

The photo does not do it justice - its really very pretty. 

The walls are a deep charcoal grey and the tile is much whiter than what shows. I {love} it even though its very very tiny. :) 

the living room is a dumping ground right now...

and thats more or less all I have to show for now! :) 
oh, wait, think I have a hall bath shot...

all new. 
HATE the cabinet - will replace it. It was a bad choice. The walls look white, but they are a very light beige that LG picked out. Floor tile is same as the wall tile in the shower -keepin' it simple - ya know? the brain gets to spinning with ALL of the decisions that have to be made, from big ones to tiny ones.....its just so much. I'm on overload.

The only semi major thing left is to paint. For now. I'm letting everything else wait. We'll paint, get curtains and other window treatments, and then move in and just live for a while and then see what the next project should be. 

Not to mention, I need tons of items like bathroom towels/washcloths, cleaning supplies, ohhhh and kitchen stuff - pots and pans -- and just all that day to day stuff. Most of my belongings have been in storage for about 8 years and its just not good anymore or I gave it away rather than place it in storage. So its really almost like starting over. 
New starts are a good thing. 

(but expensive)