Friday, September 16, 2011

So what do YOU think?

Many of us are Project Runway junkies, errrr, fans. We love to watch the design process and the end results.

And now Lifetime is bringing us something new - "Project Accessory".

Contestants will accessorize! Belts, hats, jewelry, purses, scarves and much more I am sure!

From the Lifetime Website -
"A brand-new series, "Project Accessory," will follow enterprising artists who will be put to the test to create the newest and hottest trends in accessories as they compete for a cash grand prize to help them launch their own fashion accessories business."

Casting calls took place in June, Molly Sims is set to host -Eva Lorenzotti will be the "Tim Gunn" of the show, and designer Kenneth Cole and InStyle editor Ariel Foxman are rumored to be judges.

I'm not sure about taping or when the show will air - information was a little hard for me to find.

I'm intrigued though. I think this could be fun. Its a different kind of designer that can work across those mediums - fiber, leather, metal, gems.

but I want to know what YOU think!

Are you going to watch or take a pass?